6 Reasons to Have Document Translations Done Professionally

When translating a document, sales copy, or marketing data, our first thought is to rely on a simple upload translation website to convey our message in different languages. To be fair, for small, blurb-like information and articles, the results are straightforward and reliable for our needs. However, what happens when we need to translate hundreds, if not thousands, of words, sentences, paragraphs, and metrics into an easy-to-understand format to reach foreign markets? For these projects, hiring a professional translating service is essential. If you’re on the fence about contacting a reputable translator, here are six reasons to change your mind.

1. Clarity

When sharing data between different languages and regions, the biggest problem we face is a lack of clarity. In simple terms, a sentence or paragraph that makes sense in a particular language can quickly transform into a garbled mess that becomes lost in translation. Professionals translators can curate and tailor your document to fit cultural standards that make sense to outside individuals from foreign markets.

2. Professionalism and Region-Specific Terminology

Similarly, nothing screams “unprofessional” than a document flooded with incorrect spelling, non-specific tonality, grammar errors, and redundant sentences. Consulting with a professional translator will give you peace of mind, knowing that your document’s data is cast in a professional light for readers in various countries.

3. Contextual Subtleties

Phrases and sayings that make perfect sense in a particular language can quickly lose meaning once translated into a foreign language. Once we know this fact, we must rely on translators who understand the subtle nuances of a specific language to give flavor and depth to our words. Although Google translation services are perfect for on-the-go documents and quick translations, they routinely destroy the underlying messages.

4. Market Capture and Interest

For online entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers, capturing additional market share is the difference between growing your profits and dwindling year after year. A reputable translation service will provide contextual data for your document to capture region-specific customers who are looking for businesses, products and services like yours.

5. Time-Sensitive Translations

Let’s address the elephant in the room: translating a document is timely service. A piece of data that took us a few hours to complete can take upwards of a week to thoroughly translate, making it challenging to get our data into the marketplace. Professionals can translate a document in a fraction of the time, giving you an opportunity to publish and share your information with the world at large.

6. Networking Opportunities

Lastly, translators are social butterflies. Although professional translators come from all walks of life, the clientele they interact with is impressive. Not only will a professional translator turn your document into literary gold ready for a myriad of markets, but they can connect you with like-minded individuals. The next time you’re thinking of ways to expand your contacts list, reach out to your translator and allow them to introduce you to pertinent figures from your niche.