Creative Ways To Use Holiday Lights for Your Business

Starting your own business can be a tiring yet exciting process. You want your merchandise to beckon people to your shop. Whatever your products may be, displaying them correctly can influence passersby. You want them to stop and see what is lit up inside your store front.

Lights of all kinds, such as LEDs or strands of fairy lights, can illuminate and highlight your work. Holiday lights are fun, inexpensive, and can be used during any month of the year. Here are some great ways to creatively use Christmas lights for your business.

Enticing customers

No matter what your business may be, strategically placing fun and playful lights can be rewarding. Entice your customers with carefully placed lights and merchandise that look good both in-store and on your social media outlets. When running a smaller business, social media is an important way to connect with your potential buyers.

Beautifully lit displays aren’t just for the customers, either. They help you maintain the fondness of your working environment. Don’t forget that happy workers can also mean additional happy buyers. Happy employees can help boost your sales by being more pleasing to customers and passionate about the products.

Jewelry stores

Nothing helps your jewelry sparkle like a good set of lights. When you have a specific market like in the jewelry industry, you want to display your items in a way that catches people’s eye.

The great thing about Christmas lights is that they can be wrapped or entwined around almost anything. If you own a smaller business, white lights can be used to create a warm, homey feel. Wrapping fairy lights around a piece of uniquely shaped wood can add an earthy tone for handmade items such as hand-crafted earrings and bangles.

A window showcase can be lined with twinkling lights featuring the hottest new looks, or sentimental pieces such as sister bracelets.

Book stores

A Christmas light lined bookshelf makes for a great addition to your small business. Books featuring the newest or local authors can be a great spot for any color of light. If you are feeling up to it, you can even divide your store by genre and matching hues. Fantasy lovers can find their beloved books under hues of blues while horror fans seek out dark purple lights.

DIY art can be arranged with your favorite planets and light-up moon in the kid’s section, where they cozy up to read the newest in children’s literature. Smaller fairy lights can be placed around a stack of books on display, or wrapped inside a clear vase that holds pens or bookmarks up near the register. They come in a variety of colors and shapes, so they are easy to move around and change with the seasons.

Coffee shops

A good cup of joe, a laptop, and your favorite neighborhood coffee shop may be where the locals spend time to wind down. Whether people are there to check emails or utilize it as their “office”, this experience can be enhanced by a charming atmosphere around them.

You can easily occupy some wall space. With a multitude of types of lights carefully placed, help make your logo glow. Take some inspiration from your own home and add lights around your merchandise and front counter. Smaller lights draped in and around a favorite plant or the bathroom mirror makes for a pleasing addition to your store.