3 Tips For Successfully Marketing Your Gentlemen’s Club

Let’s face it, every business has to advertise, even those of a more adult variety. The trick is figuring out how to advertise the right way, who your target demographic is, and how to actually draw them to your business. When dealing with a business like a Gentlemen’s Club, how you do this can really make or break your business and set your reputation in the community.

Because your industry is one that already carries a certain reputation, it is highly important to be careful about how, where, and when you advertise. In this post, we’ll look at three tips to market your club that won’t turn people away or lead to a negative reputation. After all, you have to be a part of the local business community too!

Keep it Classy

One thing most people don’t like is overly crass or illicit advertising, regardless of your type of business. Everyone knows what business you’re in, being a Gentlemen’s Club doesn’t mean you have to immediately start pandering or going for low-brow advertising tactics.

Instead, the best approach is to keep things on the up and up. Talk about the atmosphere, the services you offer, drink specials, deals, and other accommodations that will make your customer’s experience a pleasant one.
Remembering that you are ultimately an entertainment venue can help to shape the way you design your advertising. Being risque isn’t always the right play. Instead, opt for advertising that notes the high points of your venue without overselling the adult end of things. A classy gentlemen’s club is looked at more favorably than one that is not so.

Know Your Market

Part of selling your product (in this case the venue and the entertainment inside) is knowing your market. The approach you take and how you market will largely be based on your customer base.

Whether your clientele is more high-end or low-end will shape how you direct your messaging as well as in what medium. Giant billboards might work in a place with lots of tourists and dozens of similar venues, but in smaller places with fewer options, it might be wise to be more discreet and targeted with your advertising medium, such as online ads targeted to that specific age range.

Don’t Be Biased

One thing that many people forget, is that just because they are called gentlemen’s clubs, doesn’t mean you should only target men to come into your establishment. Just like any other nightclub or bar, offering a lady’s night, couple’s night, etc will draw in more customers than a single-minded approach.

Remember it’s not about gender/orientation or any other factor, it’s about people coming in and having fun. It’s important to highlight those facts and tailor your advertising to it, instead of catering to one group or another. You’ll cut out a large number of customers doing it that way.