4 Reasons Customers Will Choose A Competitor Over You

When it comes to your business, your customers are the most important thing that you should prioritize. Therefore, it’s important that you keep in mind at all times what keeps customers coming back, and what to avoid that can lead them choosing a competitor over you.

To help you ensure that your customers continue coming back to you and not going to your rivals, here are some of the most common reasons why customers will choose the competition.

Long Response Time

One of the most important things that customers value is a timely response. If they have a concern or question, the last thing they want to do is sit around and wait for several days to get an answer.   It’s crucial that you prioritize getting back to your customers quickly by implementing the right systems.

Incorporating customer service automation to your business is a great way to instantly reply without needing to hire additional staff members. Statistics show that customers who are required to wait 24 hours or more for a response from a company will choose a competitor 60% of the time.

In other words, every minute that you let pass without replying to your customers, the more opportunity you’re giving them to choose a competing brand.

Google Ratings

Nowadays, a Google review is as valuable as a personal recommendation from a family member or friend. If someone is scrolling the internet for your company’s keywords, and come across your business next to a competitor, and the competitor has a higher Google rating, then the choice is simple. So it’s in your best interest to encourage your customers  to leave positive feedback if they’re happy with their experience.

Your Website Is Poorly Constructed

In today’s digital era, not having a website simply isn’t an option. Not only does a website  make it easier to find you, but some customers may not work with you at all if they can’t find a page associated with you.

A website gives you credibility, and trust. When a potential customer sees a well constructed and professional looking website, they are that much more likely to choose you. However, if you have a poorly constructed website— or worse, none at all, chances are they going to choose a competitor that does.

Your Employees Aren’t Properly Trained

It doesn’t matter if you sell the best product on the market— if your customer service is lacking, then most of the time, someone will shoes an inferior product with better customer service. Make sure that you choose employees who adequately represent you as a company.

They should be well trained and well versed on what it is that you’re selling. There’s nothing more unprofessional then representing your business with employees who don’t have the answers to your customers’ questions.