SignNow — Perfect eSignature Solution

A businessman may be required to put an electronic signature in order to use a developed infrastructure of digital services. In most cases, this will be a simple way to verify that you agree or accept some service. For example, you will be asked to write a code sent to you via SMS, enter your password for an account, etc. But there are a number of services that require a special, legally recognized electronic signature. You can get it at special platforms that have passed all the necessary accreditation and certification procedures and can guarantee you

  • reliable protection of your signature from third parties
  • recognition of your signature by all legal agencies

Is It Possible to Do Without an Electronic Signature?

People had been doing without electronic signatures for centuries. And now you can insist on hand-signing all documents. But it makes life incredibly difficult, forcing you to move frequently to personally sign any document. If the question is to go to the other side of the city, then this is not a problem. But if, for example, you want to apply to a University in another State? Or perhaps you work with a company headquartered in Europe or another part of the world?

An electronic signature shortens the distance between businesses, people and state organizations, allowing you to conduct business over vast distances and be sure that your eSignatures are legally correct.

When Will eSignature Be Especially Useful?

The scope of electronic signatures is very wide. But it will be especially useful for you in the following cases:

  • when communicating with government services and health institutions
  • in the conduct of your financial affairs, in particular, obtaining loans and credits
  • renting out your property or, conversely, renting an apartment, car, etc.
  • signing contracts with your business partners
  • when filing tax returns
  • when applying for a job or hiring someone, especially in a remote format
  • when entering educational institutions and much more

signNow – eSignature Services for Individual and Corporate Business Clients

Regardless of whether you represent only your own interests as proprietor or the interests of the whole company, signNow has a whole range of proposals that systematize and organize your workflow and make signing all documents very easy and fast.

For Individual Business Clients

  • You can easily store all your necessary documents in signNow cloud storage and organize them into folders
  • Any signatures made on the platform will be valid for absolutely all organizations, including public authorities in general and the judiciary in particular
  • You can use a huge signNow library of forms in numerous languages to create your documents
  • You can prepare and send documents to your business partners to take their signatures
  • You don’t have to travel anywhere to put your signature. Instead of spending about 3 hours on a trip, you will spend less than 3 minutes
  • You can also install a mobile application on your phone and sign all the necessary documents anywhere in the world. After all, in order to do this, you can even be offline

For corporate clients

SignNow offers unique opportunities for companies and all kinds of organizations that will take your business to a fundamentally different level by optimizing all processes related to office work:

  • quick collection of signatures from all addressee
  • templates of all documents necessary in the course of the company’s operation
  • the ability to work with partners on contracts and certify them with signatures that are recognized in courts
  • track changes to any documents
  • creation of a systematized library of documents, where everything will be in its place and none of the employees will be able to lose an important document at the most inopportune moment
  • distribution of roles between employees with different access rights and making changes to document
  • automation of the necessary processes related to the creation and distribution of documents
  • high degree of security and reliability of storing all company documentation in the cloud storage
  • mobile applications for the speeding up of collecting signatures and the convenience of all employees
  • a huge library of legal forms that you can use in your work

Choose Your Business Plan According to the Needs of the Company

Despite the fact that signNow offers a very wide range of services, you can select only some of them and thus save on monthly subscription fees. Currently, there are 4 programs for individual business clients and corporate ones:

  • Business Plan
  • Business Premium Plan
  • Enterprise Plan
  • airSlate Business Cloud

You can test any of the proposed plans in the demo version for free. The more advanced plan you choose, the more perfect and faster the process of drafting and signing documents will be. However, even with the basic plan, you will get all the tools you need.

The less confusion in documents, the more efficiently your business works and the more trust from partners you receive. Offer your employees the most efficient solution for signing documents, preparing contracts and other paper workflows with signNow. The effect you get from this optimization will exceed all your expectations and will be an important contribution to your competitive advantage in the market.