3 Repairs To Make To Your Property In Order To Charge A Premium As A Vacation Rental

Vacation rentals are popping up all over the world from people just looking to make some money while not occupying their home for a few days. However, if you really want to make the maximum amount of money that you’re able to make from this venture, you’re going to need to make sure that your property is adding value to your renter’s experience. And to do this, you may need to make some repairs or updates to your space.

To help you know where you best spend your time and money in order to get a great return on your investment, here are three repairs to make to your property so that you’re able to charge a premium as a vacation rental. 

Fix Any Major Structural Issues

First and foremost, your property is going to need to be safe in order for people to want to stay there as part of their vacation. 

To see what you’ll need to fix here, you might want to have a home inspector come out to see if there are any big issues you should focus on. This could include things like repairing the roof, addressing termite problems, installing a new HVAC system, and more. Not only will you then know that your property is ready for renters, but you can also rest easier without having to worry that something big will go wrong or break down with a customer in your space. 

Make Sure All Appliances Are Working Well

Once you know that the structure and foundational elements of your home are in good working order, you should then move your attention to your appliances.

In a vacation rental, people expect there to be certain appliances, and they expect those appliances to work without any issue. And luckily, Eman Hamed, a contributor to Mashvisor.com, reminds us that guests will pay for these kinds of conveniences. So if you’re going to offer in-unit laundry or a full kitchen, make sure that all parts of those appliances work as well as they did when they got installed in the property. 

Get Everything Thoroughly And Professionally Cleaned

While you might think of your home as being relatively clean, if you’re going to have guests that you don’t have any kind of rapport with staying in your property, Kristina Connover, a contributor to USA Today, suggests that you opt for hiring a professional cleaning service to ensure everything in the property is thoroughly cleaned. 

With a cleaning like this, you can expect to get great reviews from your property, which will allow you to charge more from future guests as they’ll be getting a higher-quality product from you. 

If you’re wanting to rent out your property as a vacation rental, consider using the tips mentioned above to get the right areas of your home repaired and refreshed.