6 Steps to Take After the Rainy Season to Fix an Asphalt Parking Lot

If you’re experiencing an after-the-rainy-season parking lot problem, you’re not alone. Most people have had the same issue. It’s best to call in an asphalt repair company to help bring your parking lot back into pristine condition after a large amount of rainfall..

1. Clean the Parking Lot

If there are still water stains on the asphalt, it’s essential to remove them. Be sure to hire professional cleaners to do the job. They will ensure that your parking lot is clean and ready for use.

2. Create A Barrier Between the Asphalt and The Grass

The next step is to create a barrier between the asphalt parking lot and the grass. It can be done by using a layer of crushed limestone. This will prevent water from seeping into the parking lot and eroding it slowly. However, you should do this when it’s not raining or at least in areas that don’t get too much rain.

3. Repair Any Cracks in The Asphalt Parking Lot

Cracks on asphalt parking lots are usually caused by water damage, so it’s essential to repair them if they are still there after a rainy season. Using sealant will help you fix cracks on asphalt parking lots quickly. You can also use the asphalt patching compound, but it could take time until it dries completely because of its hard nature cleaners to help you fix cracks on asphalt parking lots.

4. Install a Drainage System

This is essential as it helps prevent water from seeping into your asphalt parking lot. Rainwater can cause the surface of the asphalt to erode and ultimately lead to cracks in your parking lot.

Therefore, you should install a drainage system to prevent this from happening. You can install it by installing a layer of crushed limestone or gravel over the surface of your parking lot.

However, you should make sure that you also put a layer of sealant or epoxy over the area where you installed gravel or crushed limestone so that water doesn’t seep through it and damage your asphalt parking lot.

5. Waterproofing Your Asphalt Parking Lot

This is another necessary measure in areas that get too much rain because it will help keep water out of your asphalt parking lot. However, you should waterproof your asphalt parking lot when it’s dry. You can waterproof your asphalt parking lot by installing a drainage system that will allow water to flow through the base of your asphalt parking lot and then out of the area in which you are paving.

6. Maintain Signage and Lines

It’s essential to maintain your asphalt parking lot to look nice and not look worn out after you have paved your parking lot. You can prevent damage to your asphalt surface by installing signage or lines on your asphalt parking. In addition, if you want to make sure that people park in a particular area of your parking lot, install signage or lines at each end of the place where people are allowed to park.

There are many advantages to having an asphalt parking lot. You can choose a variety of colors and textures for your parking lot to make it look attractive, and you can install signage that lets drivers know that they cannot drive on your parking lot while they are parked.