Hand Drums: The Perks and Buying Guide

It’s all in the name! Hand drums are played with bare hands instead of sticks. Whether you’re a musician or not, hand drumming is a fantastic therapeutic activity. It speeds up physical healing, enhances the immune system, and helps people release emotional trauma. Drumming is also a great way to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Looking to add that special oomph to your music? Hand drums may be exactly what you need. They are excellent for beginner musicians, and you’ll definitely enjoy practicing the technique with hand drums. In this post, we’ll outline the main perks of this percussion musical instrument and share tips on how to choose the best hand drums for newbies. 

Here are the benefits of hand drums for beginners:

  • hand drums are among the most straightforward musical instruments: the learning curve is very smooth, especially if you compare mastering hand drums with, say, learning to play the violin;
  • a breeze to tune: unlike a guitar or a violin (or even regular drums), hand drums are easily tunable;
  • effortless upkeep: hand drums are great in terms of maintenance. Complex upkeep usually plays a cruel joke on a newbie’s motivation, which means hand drums are a great way to start your musical journey;
  • easy to transport: hand drums are compact, which makes this instrument ideal if you’re just starting to fall in love with playing music.

Tips on Finding the Best Hand Drums

If you’re a percussion neophyte or just want to explore the therapeutic benefits of drumming, an excellent hand drum kit is right up your street. No doubt, you should primarily take your unique needs into account and only then follow others’ advice. However, do look through our below tips on choosing the best hand drums for beginners. 

1. Choose the Best Material for You

Various hand drums come in a wide variety of materials. Each material creates a unique sound. Make sure you conduct your own research on this topic and decide what kind of material and sound you’re on the prowl for.

2. Focus on Longevity 

Durability and material are two interconnected factors when it comes to finding the right-hand drums. When on the hunt for the most suitable material, always take its longevity (and price) into account.

3. Who’s the Drummer?

Take the player persona into account when shopping for hand drums. Who will be using the instrument: an adult or a kid? This factor will largely determine the instrument’s longevity, so make sure you take it into consideration.

4. Think About the Resulting Sound 

There’s a treasure trove of hand drum options out there. So, don’t forget to take this criterion into account and read more on the perfect hand drum set for you, based on the resulting sound parameter.

Last but Not Least

The price also matters when it comes to choosing your hand drum set. Dive deeper into the issue, read online reviews, compare prices, analyze what you’ve found in order to ultimately stick with the perfect instrument for you without breaking the bank.