8 Cost-Effective Ways to Prepare Your Yard for a Backyard Party

There’s nothing like having a party at home with your friends and family. When the inside of your house isn’t quite big enough to hold everyone, an option is to move the party outdoors. Here are a few budget-friendly ways that you can prepare your yard for your next special event.

1. The Lawn

When guests arrive for the party, they will usually see the lawn before anything else. This means that it should be in pristine condition. Mow your lawn a day or two before the event so that the grass isn’t too high. Use a weedeater along the sidewalk or driveway and around the house to get rid of any tall areas.

2. Shrubs

After mowing your lawn, you want to prune the shrubs so that you can remove the limbs when you rake the grass. This is also a time when you can clip any dead flowers or plants so that everything looks alive and fresh.

3. Trees

If there are any tree stumps in your yard, this is a good time to get rid of them. A professional tree service can inspect the stumps and remove them in a way so that there is little damage done to the yard. This is a step that you should consider a few weeks before the party so that you have time to cover the hole that’s left behind once the stump is removed or so that you have time to get other trees or plants in the ground.

4. Decorations

When you make plans for your party, decorating will likely be included. You might get some balloons, tablecloths, and fun items that match the theme of your party. However, you can start decorating before then with a few plants that you put in colorful containers. You can get a few containers that are neutral in color along with a few brighter containers that you can put between them. Try to place the containers on steps that you don’t want people to use or in areas that you want to cover that you’re unable to address before the party.

5. Cleaning Surfaces

Whether it’s a paved driveway or a patio, you want to take the time to clean as many surfaces in your yard as possible. While a water hose and a little soap will work fine, another option is to use a pressure washer. This will get rid of most of the dirt and debris that’s on the surface without as much effort as you could have to use a hose and a brush.

6. Lighting

Consider adding a few outdoor lights to your yard so that it’s easier for guests to see walkways. Lights can also create a relaxing atmosphere, especially if you expect that your party will roll over into the evening hours. There are several battery-operated and solar-powered options available so that your electric bill doesn’t increase as much with the additional lights.

7. Updates

Look over the deck to see if there are any loose boards that need to be replaced or tightened. Consider adding a coat of paint or stain to the deck as well. You can also clean the patio furniture and add a few pillows to chairs or other sitting areas so that your guests are comfortable.

8. Cooking

Before the party starts, you can create a grilling area in your yard. This should be a place where you set up a small table for the food that will be prepared. Make sure it’s away from the main party area so that the smoke won’t interfere with guests.