How to Find the Best Residential Cleaners – 8 Tips

Do you need a professional cleaning service? Maybe you are moving into a new home and need to spruce the place up before your first guests arrive. In any case, maintaining a clean home is essential for your peace of mind, and hygiene. 

With so many cleaners in the market today, it can be challenging to find the right one for you.

From asking friends and family for referrals to reading reviews on a company’s website, there are several ways to find one. Below we’ve outlined eight valuable tips for finding an excellent company for your residential cleaning needs.

Tip One: Ask Friends and Family

If you know anyone who has had experience with residential house cleaners, ask them what the best ones are in their opinion. Chances are they have tried several different companies before settling on one or two that work well with them.

Family and friends are more likely to give you an honest assessment of a cleaners performance than a stranger online, who may have been paid to fabricate a review.This is by far the easiest way to find a great residential cleaner.

Tip Two: Read Reviews

Another easy way to find out which companies is by reading reviews on their website or looking up company review sites like Yelp, Google My Business, and even facebook. While Social media certainly isn’t known for its censorship,  these sites can give you an unfiltered view of what other customers have to say about the company.

All in all, checking through various online platforms will help you determine if they have good customer service, offer competitive prices and do quality work.

Tip Three: Look for Discounts

Some residential cleaning companies will offer discounts on a specific day of the week or if you sign up with them for a year in advance. This is often done to encourage customers to purchase longer-term service contracts with that company and get people out of their homes to work on other things.

Others running promotions might come in the form of cleaning packages at a discounted price. These packages usually include “extra” services such as window washing, wall cleaning and more.

Tip Four: Make Sure Their Schedule Fits Yours

There’s nothing worse than having unannounced guests over only to find out it’s your cleaners day off.  To help stop this from becoming a regular occurrence, check the company’s website or make an appointment for when they’re going to arrive so you can avoid any potential awkwardness. Alternatively, you can speak to the cleaner on what their typical weekly schedule looks like and see if they can work around your needs.

Tip Five: Make Sure Their Cleaners Are Insured

Professionals need to be insured, and there is no way of getting around it. They should have a certificate of workers compensation insurance on their website or if you contact them, be able to provide it for you.

In the rare incident that your cleaner sustains injury while cleaning your home, you won’t be liable to pay their medical fees. An unlicensed contractor, in contrast, can actually sue you for damages – not fun!

Tip Six: If You Have Pets…

Suppose you have pets in your home or animals that shed heavily (e.g., dogs). In that case, it’s worth having someone come out beforehand for a consultation before hiring residential cleaners who will be coming into your house regularly. 

Some companies may not do professional cleaning with animal hair because they want their employees to stay safe while working around these types of allergens. If this is something important to you, ask ahead of time when interviewing different potential customers!

Tip Seven: Make Price Comparisons

Last but not least, make your price comparisons. There are so many residential cleaners available that it’s worth finding one who’s affordable and competent. 

It’s worth looking around and comparing prices online before signing up, as it’s fairly common for companies to give you an estimate over the phone. A price estimate over the phone is only suitable if it’s accurate and based on what their standard rates are – otherwise, they will have no problem changing those once you sign up (e.g., raising them).

Pick three of four  companies that seem to be in the ballpark with your budget and schedule a meeting. You can then get an accurate estimate of what you’ll need, how much it will cost, and which company is the best for you.

Tip Eight: Ask What Services They Offer 

While some residential cleaners might be able to do the job well, they may not offer all of what you need.  For instance, if you’ve moved into your new home, a deep clean may be preferable to a regular clean as  it will remove all the dust and dirt that has accumulated. Whatever service you have in mind,  make sure the residential cleaner can provide it.