5 Smart Reasons to Participate in Group Fitness Classes

While getting fit and staying active is a goal for most people, very few seem to take advantage of the benefits that attending group fitness classes can bring. Group fitness classes are a fun and dynamic way to stay motivated, make friends, and have fun while improving health and meeting fitness goals at the same time.

1- Meet Other Likeminded People and Make Friends

Group fitness classes are a great way to connect with the community and meet new people in the neighborhood. Those who choose to participate in group fitness classes all share a common goal in improving health and fitness, which means one is more likely to connect with others in their class and perhaps even make a few new friends.

2- Maintain a Higher Level of Accountability and Motivation

It can be relatively easy to skip a daily workout, especially if motivation is waning and no one else is around to hold the person accountable. With group fitness classes, there are increased levels of accountability, especially if one has paid money to participate. The chances of a person skipping group fitness classes are much lower than potentially skipping a solo morning run. Also, since group fitness classes are always fun and exciting, participants are more likely to make them a daily priority.

3- Receive Instruction From Talented Personal Trainers

Working out with a personal trainer during “one on one” coaching sessions can be a highly effective way to work out and achieve personal health and fitness goals, however, it can also be quite expensive. Personal trainers often charge upwards of one hundred dollars for an hour of personal instruction. With group workout classes, participants receive all the benefits of personal fitness instruction, but at a much lower rate. Group class attendees still receive personalized instruction and even modifications that are designed to suit their specific needs, while spending much less money on an effective workout.

4- Fitness Classes Add Variety and Excitement to a Workout Routine

Engaging in the same workout routine can quickly become boring, especially if the activity is done solo. Instructors who lead group fitness classes are aware of this and will change things up regularly in order to keep their group motivated and interested. Changing things up within a workout is also a great way to increase lean muscle, as it causes muscle confusion.

5- Have Fun and Boost Self Confidence By Participating in Group Fitness Classes

There’s a reason why group fitness classes have increased in popularity over the last several decades. Working out in a group is always more fun than working out solo. Participants often cheer each other on and motivate one another when things get challenging. Participants in group fitness classes also enjoy increased morale and higher self-confidence and are much more likely to stay engaged in their fitness routine.

While there are some benefits to solo workout routines, it’s a great idea to sign up for a fitness class or two throughout the year. By adding variety to one’s workout and connecting with others through group classes, a person is much more likely to reach their fitness goals and have fun while doing it.