Tips on finding the Best Immigration Lawyers

One of the things you need while you stay in a foreign country is a reliable immigration lawyer. If you are planning to bring your entire family over with you or face problems surrounding your visas and work permits, having a competent and reliable immigration lawyer can really help you win your case to allow you to have a happy life.

UK immigration lawyers are known as some of the best immigration lawyers available. It could make your stay in the United Kingdom as an immigrant was much more comfortable. However, even though they are some of the best, not all of them are great. Therefore, it is always essential to do your research first before hiring a lawyer for your licensed sponsor uk issues and needs.

Here are some tips you have to consider in hiring the best UK immigration lawyers.

#1: Check their years of experience.

A good immigration lawyer must have years of experience handling various immigration issues, such as visa expiration, deportation cases, removal proceedings, and even the most straightforward petitions for family members to join their clients in the country.

You can ask your prospective immigration lawyer if they have years of competent experience so that you can be at ease in the end. If your immigration lawyer has those years of experience under their belt, you can be assured that your case will win.

#2: Check their credentials and other relevant certifications.

Everyone can be a lawyer, but not every lawyer can be an immigration lawyer. Immigration is one of the most challenging topics to cover for lawyers, so always choose the best immigration lawyer who knows what they are talking about.

Make sure to find out if they are reliable regarding the credentials they carry with them, such as certificates and other relevant credentials towards immigration laws. You can call The Law Society if you want to check your prospective lawyer’s certifications and other credentials.

The Law Society runs a free service called Find a Solicitor, which can help you identify if the immigration lawyer you have right now is the real deal. They monitor all people providing legal services in Wales and England, as long as they are regulated under the Solicitors Regulation Authority, or the SRA. So you can compare The Law Society as the UK’s version of the State Bars in the United States.

In addition, you can check several websites that offer verification to all offering legal services in the country, either for free or for a small fee.

#3: Ask for referrals and listen to word of mouth.

You can also rely on referrals from friends, colleagues, and family members, especially those who underwent the same experiences as yours.

Word of mouth is still the best way to find the best immigration lawyers in the country that are available to help you with your cases. They can refer the same immigration lawyers who helped them win their cases to help you accordingly.

Referrals by those you know are still the best because they are referred to you by the people you trust, so the trust factor is not a question here.

#4: Take note of the fees and charges.

Of course, we know that hiring an immigration lawyer means you must pay them for the services rendered to you. Therefore, before officially hiring an immigration lawyer, you must determine how much you are paying in terms of the necessary fees and charges that they usually ask their clients. Retainer fees should also be taken into consideration because you will also pay them that.

Aside from the amounts, you should also check the fee schedules of your prospective lawyers to see if they match with your salary dates. Also, check if the immigration lawyer you want to hire charges hourly or flat for every consultation.

#5: Find someone who is really dedicated to helping you.

Lastly, you should check if your chosen immigration lawyer is really dedicated to helping all the way or they are just after the charges and fees you’re going to spend for them. 

Your money will just be wasted if your immigration lawyer does not exert effort to help you win your case. You are paying them because you need their services and not for something else. A dedicated lawyer will fight for you even if it seems too complicated to defend for other lawyers.

Having the best immigration lawyers will help you live your life in the country much more peacefully and worthwhile. So, choose the best lawyers who can and will help you to win each stage of the battle with flying colors.