Why You Should Incorporate Live Plants Into Your Office Design

When you think about an office, nature probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Many offices are created in neutral colors like grey and beige and don’t offer an inviting aesthetic. The act of adding plants to your office design in Melbourne can completely change the feel of the space. There a ton of reasons to add plants to an office, ranging from health to productivity.

Plants Can Improve the Health of Workers

One of the things most people don’t realize is that plants can help with the health of those around them. When you have plants in your office design in Melbourne, they can filter many toxins from the space and freshen up the room. For offices with inadequate ventilation, this is especially important. Without flowers and other plants, many people experience difficulty concentrating, nausea, headaches, and flu-like symptoms. Plants may not eliminate these issues, but they can help.

Plants Can Help Increase Productivity

Offices are often dull and boring, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Many psychologists note that workers do better in offices when there are typical household plants available. A 10-year study on this saw that employees are about 15% more productive when plants and other décor are found in the office. It makes it easier to engage with the office, which adds to focus and can create a better work output.

Plants Can Eliminate Background Noise

When you delve into office design in Melbourne, you’ll notice that open concepts are popular. This can lead to distractions if certain areas of the space are noisy. However, adding a few plants will help absorb some of the noise found in the office. This is even more accurate if your office has concrete floors, walls, or both, as there are no other means of absorbing excessive noise.

Plants May Help Reduce Stress Levels

No matter how much someone loves their job, stress is still a factor of daily office life. Thankfully, office plants may reduce the stress levels of people in the office. One study from 2010 shows that adding plants to an office created over 35% reduction in anxiety, 40% reduction in chronic fatigue, and nearly 60% reduction in reported depression. The best plants for this purpose are soothing ones, which tend to be green. Try adding a few to your office design in Melbourne and see how it impacts employees’ stress.

Plants May Increase Creativity

Having a creative block can be a serious issue in the office. However, when you feel stuck on a concept, plants may help you get new inspiration. Both the scent and visuals of a plant have been shown to make people more creative throughout the way. Stimulating the senses is a great way to open up the creative flow, and when you have flowers in the office, you get those benefits.

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