Mint Mobile reviews: YouTube

You can find anything you need on YouTube. There are videos on everything from how to tie a tie to the newest hip hop song. Mint Mobile is no exception. They have their own YouTube channel with 3,760 subscribers. 

The first video at the top of their page on the home tab is named “Buy Wireless Online & Save a Fox Ton”. It has 8,823 views and was posted about 10 months ago. The video is only 1 minute and 45 seconds but is packed with entertainment and details on what they offer. 

The video discusses what the phone service offers and how to get discounts. The description includes a shortened version of what the video covers. They have tons of videos segregated into topics that are beneficial to new and current Mint Mobile users. 

This first category includes How to Set Up Your Plan. The videos involve how to insert SIM card in GSM device, how to activate SIM card and get a new phone number, how to activate your SIM card and port your phone, how to configure iPhone with iOS lower than 12.0, how to configure Android MMS and data settings, how to activate your starter kit, and lastly, how to activate your share the love kit. 

The next tab includes a “Day in the Life”. This tab includes the introduction video that is pinned to the top of the page and a video on how Mint SIM was now changed to Mint Mobile. 

The last tab includes recent activities. It includes some of the videos we’ve already discussed, as well as a happy Father’s Day video, the How-To videos we’ve covered, and a Christmas video. So, Mint Mobile like to stay relevant by uploading videos that may target their customers. 

At the top of their page you can click “Videos” which will show you the videos they have made. Then you can move forward to their “Playlists”. Their playlist includes 6 full playlists with anywhere from 2 to 7 videos in each list. 

You can head over to the “About” tab which includes more information on Mint Mobile and what they have to offer. They have around 7,593,214 total views and are located in the United States. They have links to their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Support. 

Their cover photo is the generic snowman/fox with the words “A Wireless Wonderland” surrounding him with snow. This is also the cover photo for their Twitter and Facebook pages. It’s cute, clever, and relevant but at this point it’s maybe a little overused. 

You can subscribe to their YouTube page to get notifications on all of their new videos that they post. It looks like the last video they posted was about 4 months ago. But they have videos as old as a year old. 

What do you think? Check them out here

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