5 Ways to Be a More Productive Property Manager

As a property manager, you no doubt wear many hats. You’re there for tenants, manage the complex, and do a little bit of everything else. As a result, you may feel like time is flying by, and you haven’t gotten a thing done at times! 

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you feel like you’ve been slacking in the productivity department. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to keep a complex up and running! 

Even though you’re doing your best, there’s always room for improvement. After all, the more productive you are, the more things will run more smoothly. 

Check out five ways to stay on the ball so you can slay the day every day! 

1. Have a Can-Do Attitude 

As a property manager, there are going to be days when things don’t go your way. For example, you may have an upset tenant with a flooded apartment. 

Having a can-do attitude can make up for when things don’t go your way. 

Even if you may not feel like holding your head up high, fight to stay positive. Maintaining a positive attitude will undoubtedly rub off on others. Plus, it’ll make you feel like you can conquer the world. 

2. Don’t Procrastinate 

Not procrastinating is easier said than done, am I right? 

Everyone procrastinates every once in a while. But as a successful property manager, you shouldn’t make it into a habit. 

At the beginning of each week, write down what your priorities are. Knowing which tasks take precedence over others will give you an excellent place to start. 

You’re more likely to procrastinate on challenging tasks, so get them out of the way first. 

For example, if you’re dreading organizing your file cabinets, knock that out at the beginning of the week. Then, you won’t procrastinate to the point where it won’t get done at all. 

Also, keep in mind that you may also be procrastinating because there’s too much on your plate. If there’s more work than you can handle, you should ask for help! 

Delegating tasks can help you stay productive and stop procrastination in its tracks. 

3. Delegate Tasks 

If you have more tasks than the time you have to complete them, delegation is your friend. 

You may have to relinquish some control so that you can accomplish more tasks. For example, consider having your leasing agents take over a few jobs at the complex that you typically do. 

Task delegation will allow you to focus on tasks that are the most important. For instance, it’ll finally free you up to stage a new unit to attract potential renters. 

If you’re looking to fill every unit in your complex, getting to that place takes work. Having leasing agents take over smaller tasks so you can focus on bigger ones can get you there.  

By delegating tasks to agents who can handle them, you’ll get closer to accomplishing your goals

4. Form Connections with Your Residents 

Forming connections with your residents offers many benefits. Not only does it show them you care, but it makes you a better property manager. 

Through your tenants, you can find out what needs fixing. And, simultaneously, you can help retain residents by genuinely caring about them. 

Being social may be in your nature, so take advantage of your fabulous personality trait! Continue to be outgoing and get to know your tenants better. 

Your residents want to live somewhere they feel welcome. Likewise, you want to manage a complex where residents are happy. 

So, as a manager, it makes sense for you to get to know your residents better and keep them happy. 

5. Realize You’re Not Perfect 

Again, at some point, you’re going to run into problems. You’re only human, after all, and managing an apartment building isn’t always easy! 

Sometimes you have to cut yourself some slack and remind yourself that you’re not perfect. 

A lot of things may be going well, such as tenant retention. But apartment incidents still happen, and you’ll likely hit a few bumps in the road. 

When something doesn’t go your way, it’s best not to dwell on what happened. Instead, it’s better to pick yourself up and move forward. 

Improving your skill set is one way to move past your errors and improve your management style.  

Bonus: Improve Your Skillset

Instead of wanting to throw in the towel when things get tough, challenge yourself to do better. You can improve by brushing up on your skillset. 

Not only should you know how to lease an apartment, but you should know a lot of other areas too. For example, you could add accounting and online marketing to your skillset. To gain knowledge, think about taking online classes or going to a nearby college. 

Bringing in other professionals to aid you can also benefit you greatly. If you’ve been in your field for a while, you no doubt have experience. But still, things are constantly changing. 

Besides getting extra schooling, working with another real estate expert has its advantages. Teaming up with a new expert in the field may be what you need to make positive changes. 


As a busy property manager, you may not always feel like being productive. But staying on top of tasks will take you far. 

Completing one job at a time gives you the chance to look for areas of improvement. Whatsmore, you’ll impress your team and encourage them to keep after everything as well. 

When you think of productivity as a property manager, think of success. 


Because when productivity happens, success will follow!