3 Natural Supplements to Help You Relax

While there are supplements to help you gain energy, relieve pain, promote a healthy heart, increase certain vitamin levels, there are also supplements designed to work with your brain in a collaborative effort to bring about a calm mood, and increased relaxation. Below are three natural supplements geared towards relaxation.


The different strains of kratom for sale have different effects, while some provide increased alertness and energy levels, other strains of this plant found in Southeast Asia are noted for their therapeutic and sleep-inducing qualities. Buy kratom strains like Red-Indo and Red- Bali which is highly regarded for their ability to bring about relaxation as well as other strains like Maeng Da Indo and Blue Lotus extract which have been recommended for their therapeutic qualities by frequent users and experts. Kratom is readily available online from sites like Moon Kratom as well as in-person at many markets or convenience stores among other locations.

Valerian Root

This plant-based product is known to help people relax and is often incorporated into sleepy-time tea and other products but is just as good to take on its own. Valerian root helps to ease anxiety and other stressors by increasing the amount of GABA or Gamma-Aminobutyric acid in the brain which in turn reduces neuronal excitability or nervousness and promotes a full, healthy night’s sleep without frequent wakeup’s which are extremely detrimental to our sleep cycle’s and our overall health. Valerian root is available practically everywhere and supplements of the root can be taken in the form of a capsule, as a tea, or simply as a fluid extract.


A perennial herb whose scientific name is Bacopa Monnieri has been used for centuries by Indian healers to help lower stress, improve mood, as well as to bolster focus and memory. Bacopa helps us relax by lowering the levels of cortisol within our bloodstreams. As the hormone that stimulates stress, a reduction in cortisol has the opposite effect of increasing by subtraction, the less stress the more relaxed someone is likely to be. Bacopa Monnieri is also frequently referred to as “Brahmi” and is available in capsule or extract form at the usual places- vitamin stores, health food shops, and online.

While there is no one key to relaxation, the three supplements above hold unique properties that enable users to relieve their stress and become more relaxed. Whether you buy kratom or start growing your own Valerian Root try these supplements out ASAP.