Add an Outdoor Rug to Your Patio

Adding an outdoor rug to your patio can make your backyard feel warmer and more inviting. If you’re hoping to host guests this summer, adding an outdoor rug to your seating area is a must. Keep reading to find out why you need to consider adding an outdoor rug to your patio project this season.

Why Add an Outdoor Rug?

An outdoor rug can help make even the tiniest of spaces seem grand. Outdoor rugs add an extra layer of style to your patio or deck project. You can also go wild with bright colors you normally wouldn’t use inside. But outside, they can add life to your backyard oasis and make your seating area feel like a five-star resort. Sometimes, an outdoor rug is the last piece you need to make your patio or deck look more complete. 

Where Should You Add an Outdoor Rug?

An outdoor rug is best for patios or decks where you are placing your conversation couches and coffee table. An outdoor rug can make the outdoors feel as cozy as indoors. They can instantly give your entertaining corner a warmer and more inviting feel. Plus, they also add another element of style. They can complement your seating set and accent pillows, and make your space feel like a living room in your backyard.

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs are different from indoor rugs. Mainly, the material they are made from is thicker and more resistant. Indoors, you may want something plush and soft, For outdoor rugs, you will want to choose something made of water-resistant material. Good materials for outdoor rugs are polypropylene, olefin, polyester, and nylon. These materials are weather-resistant, less likely to stain, and their slightly rough finish actually helps keep your patio furniture from sliding around, too.

How to Select the Right Size

After choosing your seating set, you’ll want to choose the right size outdoor rug to match and really pull the whole look together. An outdoor rug that is being used under a dining set should extend about 2 feet on all sides. This means the table and chairs will be centered over the rug. The extra 2 feet around is the minimum size you should aim for. 

If you are pairing your rug with a sectional conversation sofa, the rug should extend no further than the length of the sectional. It’s also best if the width is slightly shorter than an L-shaped sectional, as well. The outdoor rug should be framed within the sectional sofa instead of extending past it like with a dining table.

Always a Good Idea

Adding a stylish outdoor rug to your patio project is always a good idea. It can make your backyard oasis the perfect hangout spot this summer by making the whole area feel cozy and warm. The ideal spot for guests to melt s’mores over the fire pit, your seating area, complete with that picture-perfect outdoor rug, is all you need to create the most beautiful summer memories. Shop for your outdoor rug today and design your perfect patio project in your yard this summer.