Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Joint Family Calendar

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Joint Family Calendar

1) Keep the Family on Track

By having a joint family calendar, the entire family can be aware of what has been scheduled, who all needs to be there, and the details of where and when it will take place. You don’t have to worry about people remembering important things, especially if you tell them long before it is meant to happen. The only thing you will have to ensure is that everyone checks the calendar daily to make certain that nothing is missed, and all appointments are met.

2) Find Out What’s Going On

As they grow up, children tend to become more secretive about their lives and the plans they make. By having a joint family calendar, you can keep an eye on the things they are planning and where they will be while also allowing them the freedom of independence. They will be able to in turn see when they have important things to attend to and cannot go off as they wish. This will also show them when they have time for socializing with friends.

3) Simplify Your Plans

How many times have you sat down to discuss the schedule to figure out car arrangements? Or perhaps had to go over plans to figure out when someone can be picked up or dropped off at a particular location? With a communal calendar, the details can be flushed out in a matter of minutes. Simply create your entry but add a note that there will need to be a task assigned and poll for volunteers. Usually a person will mark that they are available and then the matter is settled. On the off shoot that no one volunteers, a discussion can be had then to figure everything out.

4) Make Scheduling Time Easier

Is there something you are wanting to do as a family but not certain when everyone is available? A family calendar shows what everyone’s schedule is and when there is free time in which things such as that can be arranged. No longer do you have to call or text each member one at a time to figure out a game plan. Simply look for when there is nothing planned and schedule something there. When it pops up on their calendar, they will know that this time has already been claimed and nothing else can be planned.

5) Keep Up with ChoresTypically, people pick one day a week to work on chores around their home. Whether its cleaning, dusting, or other necessary needs, a joint family calendar will help parents to reserve the time to get these chores done. It can also make sure to keep track of pending chores. Placing a time slot for ”Spring Cleaning” ahead of time will let the other family members know that this is reserved for some work and they had best be prepared for it. And not all chores have to be grueling. Sometimes, posting that this is the day to paint someone’s room can make a fun family activity while getting some work done.