How to build up your finances passively using an efficient investment strategy

If you’ve got a decent amount of capital or savings stored away, and want to take your finances to the next level, then putting money into an investment strategy could be the right. However, with a busy schedule and lifestyle already, and a workload that is already extremely time-consuming as it is, it could seem impossible to find the time to manage an investment portfolio that is lucrative and profitable without stress. Property is a tactile and typically secure investment type (provided it’s managed smartly and passively), maybe the solution to this.  

Thinking of investing but wary of not being able to allocate the time or be hands-on enough to sustain a healthy portfolio? Take a look at this short guide, detailing some of the ways that property investment might be a viable – and passive – option to consider. 

Hands-On and Hands-Off 

The beauty of an investment in property is that it’s as hands-on or as hands-off as you want it to be, and its versatility as an investment method makes it a great choice for beginners, experienced investors, those who want to leave the investment to grow of its own accord, and those who want to be scrutinous and onboard with the project every step of the way. 

The process of handling a property investment strategy can be hands-on or hands-off and melded around your lifestyle. Those that are treating their investment like a passion project and full-on business might own property in an area not too far away from them that they can quickly access, handling tenant issues in a personable and landlord-esque role. This way, they can also build upon the property incrementally, making tweaks and changes as and when they see fit. 

On the other hand, an international investor, for example, or someone that wants to check in on their investment remotely while focusing on something different, might opt to invest in an apartment property within a managed building, or have their property managed by a designated company. Taking a small percentage of the rental yield garnered from the happy tenant, these management companies handle the day-to-day of the letting process, sorting out any arising issues professionally and efficiently, and giving both you and your tenant the peace of mind that things are being dealt with as they should be. For those that want to invest in property as an asset but aren’t wanting to commit to the long-term minutia of running it, this is a passive, and more than suitable alternative. 

Modern Solutions 

With off-plan investment – a strategy that’s growing in popularity and entails investing in a prospective development before it is completed and still in planning/construction stages – modern tech solutions are working to combat trepidation, and also give investors all the information they need easily and succinctly – without hassle.  

RWinvest, for example, a UK property investment company with a ton of off-plan developments throughout the country, provide their investors with VR viewings that can be accessed remotely (perfect for the international investor or buyer that can’t get to the construction site to view the property), high-quality CG images of the ongoing project, and construction updates to keep investors up-to-date on the latest ongoings. This ease of information is helpful for the passive investor, as again they have the necessary information provided to them regularly in a hands-off way, without them having to intervene or do any digging themselves.