Polish Citizenship Benefits – When You Can Start Using It

Have you ever wondered how beneficial it is to call yourself a Polish citizen? We noticed that many foreigners, not only the ones with Polish roots, decide to move to Poland, work, or study here. If you are also one of them, and at the same time have strong connections to Poland and its community, there is a good chance that over time you will be able to apply for Polish citizenship. What are the ways of obtaining citizenship and when can you start enjoying the benefits coming along with the acquisition of Polish citizenship process?

Who is eligible for acquiring Polish citizenship?

If it comes to Polish citizenship by descent, you should confirm that your ancestors (parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents) were born in Poland or its former territories and resided there after 1920. What’s more, their citizenship could not be lost on the way. If it had been lost, the Polish citizenship application process would not be successful. Any foreigner who would like to take part in the proceeding should also know that citizenship by ancestry is not the only possible way to become a fully-fledged citizen of Poland. There are a few different ways of obtaining citizenship. We should also mention the Grant of Polish citizenship, naturalization, or adoption (the last one only applies to children under 16). 

The institution of Polish citizenship is strictly regulated by administrative law which means the President of the Republic of Poland can grant citizenship to any foreigner at his request. There is no definitive list of requirements, but it is important to have strong connections to Poland. If you have Polish roots, speak the Polish language, run a business here, or support Polish culture, you can apply for Polish citizenship and get a Polish passport. Before you start the application process, you must fulfill several basic conditions and prove your eligibility.

How to get Polish citizenship?

The first step you should take is to confirm your eligibility to become a Polish citizen. The more documents confirming your roots (such as expired ID or passport, birth or marriage certificates) or connections to Poland you have, the better for the process. It may seem complicated but it is not at all. Before you file a motion, you should also contact Polish Citizenship Experts and find out how to get Polish dual citizenship. They will not only conduct research across the archives in Poland on your behalf (and in other countries, if needed) but also give you a list of needed documents while applying for it. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The expert is here to help you, so you can focus on any other important conditions. After that, there is nothing left to do but lodge a motion at the appropriate institution and enjoy all the benefits of being a Polish citizen. Here is the question ‘What are the benefits of Polish citizenship, and when can you start using it?’

Benefits of being a Polish citizen – what should you know about it?

Holding dual citizenship is very beneficial, for sure! It does not only apply to you, but also your family members. What does it mean? Regardless of whether your children were born in Poland or not, you can pass your citizenship to them. Your kids can go through the confirmation process or be treated as family members of EU citizens. It looks different for your spouse. He or she also gets similar rights as you but does not become a citizen of Poland. Remember to register his or her presence in Poland or any other country you decide to live in.

Here is a list of the main benefits of becoming a fully-fledged Polish citizen!

  • Travel freely without any visa restrictions – wanna visit France or Italy? Do not forget about getting your Polish passport which also makes you a European citizen. It means you can travel with no border controls or special gates.
  • Live anywhere you want within the EU – once you get your Polish citizenship and a Polish passport, EU countries are open for you. The same applies to the job market. As a citizen of Poland, you do not need any permission to work.
  • Study for free at many universities – Polish citizenship gives you access to public universities across Europe.

The list of benefits is way longer, but as you can see, it is worth it to hold dual citizenship. Once the confirmation process ends successfully, you can enjoy your new life as a Polish citizen!