5 Unique challenges of moving with kids

When you’re planning to relocate to a new home, there are a lot of moving parts to manage to ensure everything goes smoothly. When you have small children, it can be challenging to provide care to them while packing everything into boxes and loading everything into the moving van. If you’re getting ready to move with kids in tow, there are a few unique challenges you’ll need to prepare for relocating to a new country.

1. Keeping Your Kids Safe

It can be difficult to haul away heavy appliances and boxes out of your old home while you’re caring for your kids. Children are known to run around and can easily get out through an open door or gate on the moving day. Hiring a sitter for a few hours can allow them to be supervised and will help you to become more productive without tending to their needs.

You can also keep your kids in one of the rooms in the house and use a baby gate to ensure they’re safe and can’t escape. Hiring a professional moving company to help will also allow you to focus on your little ones and leave the work to someone else. The movers can work at a fast and quick pace to ensure you’re moved out quicker.

2. Avoid Damaged Items

Whether you’re packing electronics or are wrapping your dishware in bubble wrap, your personal belongings can become damaged if your children have access to them as you prepare to move. This can make it difficult to load up everything you own when small children are present.

Try to keep them busy by giving them the task of packing their stuffed animals or the couch pillows, which will give them something to do without the risk of vases or TV screens breaking in the process. It will give your little ones a sense of responsibility and help them to contribute to ensure they feel included in the process.

3. Not Having What You Need

Whether you need to change your baby’s dirty diaper or apply teething medicine to their gums, it can be difficult to find what you need when everything is packed into different boxes. Children need a lot of different items throughout the day, which can make it challenging to care for them when they have certain needs. Packing a box of their essentials can allow you to quickly access their items without digging around and unpacking your boxes.

4. Children Become Bored

Many children become bored during the moving process as fewer items become available and you’re busying loading everything up. Consider purchasing a few new games and toys that they can use as you spend time packing everything into the moving box. This will allow you to get more done and will also distract them as you attempt to multi-task.

5. Feeling Limited on Time

Parents can often feel limited with how much time they have to pack up their entire house and relocate, especially when they have kids in the home. Start packing everything at least a month in advance to ensure you can organize everything and even color-code it. If you pack in an organized way and give yourself enough time, it will help you avoid any stress.

Understanding what it’s like to move when you have kids can help you be more prepared for the process and prevent any problems that are easy to avoid. It’s important to hire an extra set of helping hands and give yourself more than enough time to make it a smoother and more efficient process.