6 Tips for the perfect baby shower

When you’re planning a baby shower for a loved one, it can be fun to look forward to celebrating the upcoming arrival of their little one. There are a lot of details to plan with the party to ensure everything goes smoothly and the event is memorable for everyone involved. If you want to plan the perfect baby shower, there are a few main tips to follow to ensure it goes off without a hitch.

1. Choose a Theme

The party decor, games, and favors should all be centered around a specific theme that you can choose, which will create a fun and festive setting. The theme can be unisex and include baby animals, stars and clouds, or a children’s book. For boys, a nautical or airplane theme is a popular choice. For girls, kites, bumblebees, and butterflies are a great option that is feminine.

2. Choose Who to Invite

It’s important to know who to invite to the baby shower to ensure the mom-to-be is surrounded by her closest family members and friends. Ask her to provide you with a list of people that she wants to invite to ensure she’s in control of who she wants to include in the event. You’ll need to obtain addresses or email addresses.

The invitations should be sent out a few weeks in advance to ensure people have enough time to RSVP and find babysitters. More people are likely to attend the shower if you give them enough notice and don’t wait until a week before the event to send the invites out.

3. Plan the Decorations

The decor that is on display at the shower will determine how much of an impression you make on the mom-to-be and her guests. There are many ways you can create a beautiful setting to ensure it’s a festive environment and also makes for great photos. Hang a banner with the baby’s name and use oversized balloons that are eye-catching.

Consider hanging decorative items overhead to create a whimsical setting, especially if the party is hosted outdoors. You can hang paper lanterns and tissue paper poms, which are available at party decor websites like Just Artifacts. Adding a backdrop will also look decorative and can be placed behind the food and desserts.

4. Create the Menu

The food is one of the most important parts of the baby shower, making it necessary to select appetizers, desserts, or finger foods based on the time of the day the party is hosted. Fruit kabobs, veggie platters, mini sandwiches, and cheese and crackers are always safe options.

You can also serve cupcakes, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and cookies. Ask some of your guests to bring their favorite dish and contribute to make it easier to have everything you need.

5. Plan the Games

You’ll want to entertain the guests to ensure they have fun and can interact with one another. Plan a few baby-themed games that include DIY onesie decorating, sharing embarrassing baby stories, and guessing the age of the mom-to-be by viewing her baby photos.

6. Personalize the Party

According to whattoexpect.com, personalizing your party can make it more memorable and sentimental. Hang baby photos of the mother and father with clothespins. You can plan a trivia game that includes questions about the mom-to-be to determine which guest knows her the best.

Knowing the right tips to follow when planning a baby shower can allow you to have a smoother process to ensure the event is memorable. You can show off your hard work and enjoy celebrating the mom-to-be before her baby arrives.