The Subtle Art of Choosing the Perfect Glove

Choosing the perfect gloves is not as easy as it seems to be. There are too many varieties of gloves available and for too many purposes. There are so many factors to consider as well. What do you want the glove for? What kind of glove do you want? What color do you want? What is your budget for this purchase? These and many more similar questions are the hurdles that people face every day when choosing the perfect pair of gloves for their needs. Let us discuss the subtle art of choosing the perfect glove.

Choose a suitable material: 

The first most important thing to understand is the material that you want. Every material has different properties. Each material has its pros and cons. Some are useful in one scenario, while others come in hand in other ways. The look of each material is also something to keep in mind if you are buying gloves for non-work-related reasons. The best place to start is to determine the right material for the gloves according to your purpose and worry about the other things later. After all, what good is a fancy glove if it serves no purpose? 

  • Bamboo: 

Bamboo is extremely breathable and is ideal for working in hot conditions. Bamboo gloves help to keep your hands cool and are especially useful for gardening. The small holes in the material and the fact that bamboo is four times absorbent than cotton prevent your hands from getting wet and soggy. Bamboo is also extremely eco-friendly and way better for the environment than rubber or leather gloves.

  • Cotton: 

Cotton is the gold standard of fabrics when it comes to any accessory and ideal for a light activity like casual gardening. However, the gloves do not hold up to abrasion or exposure to soil and might become unusable after a few cycles of gardening. For hand tilling, you might need a second pair. But, if you are using gloves for something that doesn’t involve soil or friction, then cotton can be a great option. It is also a piece of fabric, so washing cotton gloves is extremely easy.

  • Wool: 

Wool gloves are perfect for insulating your hands against the cold. Wool is known for its insulating abilities and also feels really comfy and cozy on your hands. It is also extremely easy to move your hands around in wool gloves, making them ideal for day-to-day use. Wool’s moisture-wicking properties make wool gloves good for the snow.

  • Leather:

Leather is an extremely hard material, so it’s the go-to material for heavy manual labor gloves. Leather is also an extreme heat insulator. A pair of leather gloves with fur lining will get you through the winter in any place in the world. Leather is also water-resistant for the most part, so your hands won’t get wet in humid climates and light showers. 

Picking your fit and seam type 

The fit and size of a glove make a big difference for nearly all purposes. Particularly if you need to survive long days of hard work, you need to use fitted gloves. So, make sure you buy the right size of gloves, as a loose glove can be infuriating in the best case and skin-damaging in the worst-case scenario. You might also consider the placement of seams. Outside seams are comfortable, but they might wear out quickly. Inside seams are durable; however, they can be quite irritating. 

Opt for a respected brand: 

Without choosing a premium brand, it can be challenging to tell the quality of a glove. If you aren’t familiar with the brands, check the reviews. Compare glove brands against each other to get your hands on the best one– or rather, to get the best one on your hands. One way to get honest reviews is to look on forums that are not controlled by the brand you are looking to buy from. This way, you can be sure that the reviews are honest and not tampered with.

Asses comfort and functionality: 

When choosing the perfect glove, you must assess the comfort and the functionality they offer. The most comfortable gloves will feel like butter on your palms. However, they may not be the best gloves for all use cases, so it’s important to consider what work you need your gloves to perform. Make sure you purchase a glove that offers you the perfect combination of form and function for the best of both worlds. 


Choosing the perfect glove might seem like a challenge, but it’s stress-free if you follow the points above. I highly recommend checking out a curated collection of men’s gloves or women’s gloves from retailers like Outdoor Equipped that only partners with premium brands. That way, choosing the best quality gloves becomes a seamless experience, with free shipping and no-hassle returns.