How To Stay Healthy At Work

As many of us are confined to our homes under quarantine do to the Coronavirus, for some of us, this has given us the opportunity to not only appreciate our job in a way we may never have, but it has also given us time to think about the importance of staying healthy at work. While our healthcare system is doing its best to come up with a vaccine, it has also become apparent that we must seek other holistic and natural ways we can take care of our own health without relying on Western medicine. 

In principle, work should contribute to our general well-being. It provides us with goals to achieve, human contact, a routine and a salary. In reality, the office environment is not always beneficial. Ubiquitous screens, sitting position, sandwich in front of the computer, excessive air conditioning or heating, passive smoke, overdose of caffeine, mold on the walls … the reasons vary, but the result is the same: you health is not being taken care of.

When you do get back to work, here are some tips to set up and apply daily.

1. Keep Your Muscles Activated

Sitting at the desk for hours is as painful for the body as a long haul flight. If your company offers offices for standing, take advantage of it, otherwise try to stretch, get up and contract your muscles as often as possible. 

“A simple foam ball placed between the knees stimulates the thighs when seated” suggests yoga teacher Kirsty Davis from

“Come out and breathe some fresh air when you take a break, your lungs will appreciate it. And go back upstairs by the stairs instead of the elevator” says Davis.

2. Take An Eye Break

When you work at a computer, your eyes tire very quickly. Remember to look at something other than the screen from time to time and stare at a distant point if you are lucky enough to be near a window. 

If your work permits, rest for about 20 minutes with your eyes closed. And force yourself to blink them regularly to keep them hydrated, because this reflex is less active when looking at a screen.

3. Eat Clean & Healthy

Taking your time for lunch is essential for good digestion. So forget about eating at your desk, you need a real lunch break which allows you to disconnect, recharge your batteries, and get back to work in top form.

During the day, we replace some coffees with infusions, a decaf or simply a glass of water to stay. This little change keeps you hydrated and keeps us from having a bad night.

4. Be Kind & Considerate

Well-being is not just about the body, it’s also about your emotional well-being. To feel good about yourself, nothing beats a good deed. Whether it’s helping a colleague in difficulty or smiling at a stranger, every little altruistic gesture contributes to our serenity. The important factor is that you need to do something positive to keep your spirits up. 

5. Disconnect

Remember to turn off your smart phone and deactivate your emails when you leave work, unless you have to. The brain needs to empty itself to rest well and to regain all its efficiency. After a good night’s rest you will be ready for a new day.