8 Ways to Hurricane Prep Your House throughout the Year

When you live in an area with hurricanes, you need to get prepared for them throughout the year. You want to prep your house so that only minimal damage will happen to it. Take care of things throughout the year, and you won’t feel as worried when the hurricanes come.

1. Get A Generator In Case You Need It

If you think that you might have the ride out some bad storms in your house, then you might want a generator. You can use it if the electricity goes off and feel just as comfortable as ever. Generators come in all sizes, and you can find one that works for your home and learn how to use it before a storm.

2. Cover The Windows To Keep Them From Breaking

Many people use plywood to cover their windows, but there are also some more permanent and elegant solutions. Shutters and awnings can keep the windows and doors safe. It is good to get these put in well ahead of the hurricane so that you won’t worry.

3. Clean Out Your Gutters Before A Storm

One of the things to work on any time of the year is the gutters. Clean them out so that they won’t become overly full when a hurricane comes. Replace the gutters as needed, as well, so that they will always do their job well.

4. Make Sure You Have The Best Insurance

You don’t want to consider how things could go wrong when a hurricane comes through, but it is best to be prepared. Before hurricane season comes around, take a look at your house insurance. Review everything and see if any changes need to be made so that you won’t worry about the upcoming storms.

5. Rethink Your Appliances And Electronics

Rethink the way you have your appliances and electronics connected to the electricity in the house. It is best to put them on a strip so that nothing will go wrong if the electricity goes out suddenly or anything goes wrong. Do what you can to protect the appliances and electronics so that you won’t have any big or expensive issues.

6. Keep All Your Trees Trimmed

Trees can cause big problems during a storm. Before hurricane season comes, make sure that all your trees are trimmed. Cut off any dead or too-large branches and make sure that if the tree falls, it won’t crash on your house.

7. Get The Roof Redone And Sealed

Take care of the roof so that it won’t leak or have any kind of problems. If it is older, then get it replaced. Sealing will do a lot of good for it, too, and you can have that done even if you have a good roof. It is best to take every precaution you can so that you won’t have issues during a hurricane.

8. Be Prepared To Shut Things Off

Learn where everything is in the house before a hurricane comes so that you can quickly shut off the water, electricity, and everything that you need to shut off. If you are leaving in a hurry, then you want to do this quickly. Be prepared in case of an emergency, and you will feel better about how you can take care of the house.

Get prepared for a hurricane throughout the year and your house will be in better shape when one comes. You will feel less anxious, as well. Update the house and your insurance policy as needed, and everything will be alright even when a hurricane happens.