How to Make Money Off Your Junk Car

A junk car isn’t doing you any good when it is sitting in your yard. It can even get in your way and keep you from using your full yard or each stall in your garage. The junk car that you are holding onto could help you have extra money to spend on your family, and you will be relieved when you see it get towed off of your property.

Make a List of Any Parts that Were Recently Replaced on the Car

Those who are interested in buying parts from junk cars want to know if any parts in the car are newer than the others. If you have just spent a ton of money on a new alternator for your car, those who are interested in car parts are going to want to know that. If you have a fresh set of tires on your car, people are going to pay a good price for those tires. You should make a list of all of the parts that you have replaced on your car in the time that you owned it and use that list when you are trying to get people to buy the car from you.

Take a Lot of Pictures of the Car

The more that people can see the car that you are trying to sell, the more likely they are to be interested in it. People want to know all about a car before they drive to you to check it out, and you should get pictures of the interior and exterior of your car. Take pictures of damaged parts of the junk car as well as those parts that you have replaced. Help people get a full picture of what they can expect to get from the car by taking a number of pictures of it and sharing them openly.

Consider Simply Having the Car Recycled

If you don’t think that anyone is going to be interested in your junk car for its parts, you might have the car towed away by those who will give you a little money to recycle it. The car weighs a lot, and it can be valuable to those who would like to recycle the metal that it is made of. You can get rid of a junk car that doesn’t have a lot to offer by letting it be recycled.

See if Friends or Family are Interested in the Car

Before you attempt to sell your car online or anywhere else, you should see if any of your friends or family members would like to buy the car from you. If you have a friend who is always working on cars, that friend might be interested in some of the parts from your car. You can do your friend a favor and still make money off of your junk car by getting them to come and check it out.

Use Caution When Selling a Junk Car to Someone You Don’t Know

If you don’t have a friend or family member who is interested in buying your car from you, you need to be careful when connecting with someone who is interested. Make sure that you handle things safely when you make an agreement to sell the car to a stranger. Don’t let someone scam you with a bad check or steal your car from you.

You Can Make Money by Selling Your Junk Car

If you have a junk car, it is time for you to find a buyer for that car. Someone out there might want parts from the car, and you can get money by parting with it.