5 Unique Ways To Integrate Gabions In Your Landscaping Design

Gabions have been used for hundreds of years and have many practical purposes, such as keeping slopes from caving in, but they are also stunning. If you want to add something unique to your landscape, then use gabions in unique ways. Below are five ideas of how you can add them to your yard.

1. Use Gabions For Your Outdoor Plants

There are many ways to use gabions with plants, as they are not solid walls and water can go through them. You can set up all kinds of planters on top of them, or you can put them around flower beds. You can use gabions throughout the yard to create a consistent theme and make all your plants stand out. You can use them to create different levels of flower beds and to make your yard as unique as you want.

2. Create Some Beautiful Benches Using Gabions

One of the most creative ways to use gabions in your landscaping is to create some natural-looking benches. You can choose any size or shape you want for the bench, and you can put it in your flower garden or anywhere in the yard. It will be nice to have a little bench to sit on, and you will like how different the bench is from those you could buy at the store and how well it goes with everything in the yard.

3. Make A Colorful Wall Along The Yard

If you want to create a wall along the yard to know where it ends and keep everything in its place, then you can use gabions for that. Use colorful rocks and you will love the splash of color it gives to the yard. A wall can look purposeful and artistic when you carefully choose the rocks you want for it. The gabions will look a lot better than the average fence, and you can put this kind of wall at the edge of the yard or anywhere in the yard where you want to divide things up.

4. Put Gabions Around The Outdoor Fireplace

One of the more special places you can put gabions is around your outdoor fireplace. If you want to create a stunning fireplace, then you will want to make it stand tall. You can stack the rocks as high as you want them to go, and you can use as large or small of rocks as you want to create the perfect look. When you have it all together and get the fireplace going, you will love it and will want to have guests over all the time so that you have an excuse to use it often.

5. Set Up The Gabions With Water

Whether you want to put them around the pool as a wall to block it, or you want to incorporate them right into the pool’s design, gabions are great for that part of the yard. You can get a little waterfall to flow through the gabions, and it will look stunning. You can use rocks in any color you like and make the pool into a big feature in the yard because of what they do for it. Even if you don’t have a pool, you can still set up a little waterfall or fountain with gabions and make a stunning feature in the yard.

Use gabions in the landscaping in ways that make you the happiest. If you want to upgrade your pool, then use them to make it better, or just build them to hold your plants. Your yard will look unique and beautiful with gabions in it.