5 Unique Ways To Make a Rental House Feel Like Home

When you move to a rental house, you might struggle to make it feel like home. There are several things you can do to make it better, though. Follow these five tips to make your rental house feel like home.

1. Put Down Some Beautiful Rugs

One way of making the rental feel more like home is to cover the floors with rugs. Rugs can add a lot of color to the rooms, and they also make the floors more comfortable. Put rugs in each room and use them in all different sizes and patterns. The more rugs you put down, the cozier and homier the rental will feel.

2. Use A Scent In There That Feels Like Home

When you first move in, check to see if your lease allows candles and light one right away if it does. If you can’t have candles, then use a room spray or a perfume to give the place a nice scent. Keep using that scent over time, and you will start associating it with home. Keep the scent from one rental to the next, and you will feel comfortable there immediately. Choose a warm and comforting scent, such as cinnamon, or something bright and fresh like a citrus or floral scent, or whatever makes you happy.

3. Paint The Walls And Do Special Designs On Them

Painting the walls is a great way to make your rental look unique, and if it bothers you that it is plain and has the same look as every other rental, then you need to see if painting is allowed. Paint can do more than bring some color to the rental, but it can also be added in nice patterns on the walls. One way to make the room feel like it has more shape and detail to it than it does is to paint halfway up the wall with one color and leave the rest another color. Do all kinds of designs and patterns on the walls, and the rental will look unique.

4. Decorate With Familiar And Personal Items

One way to quickly make the rental feel more like home is to use some familiar and personal items in it when decorating. Hang a big picture of your family on the wall or put a sentimental decoration on a shelf by the door. Use items that have meaning when decorating and the place will look unique to you. It will be nice to come home and see that your rental is like no one else’s, with all the personal touches that mean so much to you throughout.

5. Change Out The Lights For Something Nicer

Another way to make the rental look unique from the others in the building is to switch out the light fixtures. Keep the ones you take out in a safe place so that you can put them back before you move, and replace them with ones you like. You can use bold light fixtures for a unique look. Bring any style that you like into the rental in this way, and you will love what the lights do. You can also add better lighting in there and put a bright lamp in the living room or anything else that you need to do to make it nice and bright where you want it to be.

Use these tips, and your rental will quickly feel like home. The color and unique touches you add will make you happy with how it turns out. You will like how personalized you can make a rental with just a bit of work.