5 Ideas for Improving Your City Park’s Aesthetics

A good city park can serve as the focal point of a thriving community. With lush grass, beautiful plants, and plenty of lovely places to sit, the park should be the perfect place for all sorts of recreational activities. This is the part of town where people should make new friends, come up with innovative ideas, and fall in love.

In order for your city’s park to live up to these lofty ideals, however, the space has to be aesthetically appealing. Nobody enjoys taking a leisurely stroll through an ugly or dirty park. If you really want your park to attract residents, you should start by working on its appearance. Here are five ways to leave your city’s park looking its best.

Plant Beautiful Gardens

Nothing adds a sense of splendor to a public place like a few beautiful gardens. With their bright colors and pleasant appearance, flower beds capture a viewer’s attention. If you really want to get creative, you could even plant some locally-famous species of plants with special regional importance. Just make sure you don’t try to maintain too many plants that require a lot of work. Remember, you’ll have to pay public employees to take care of the garden.

Commission Sculptures From Local Artists

While natural elements like trees and flowers provide the background for any public park, man-made features like sculptures and fountains add the necessary embellishments. Not only will a few stone pieces give the entire park a more stately appearance, but commissioning work is also a great way to support local artists. Visitors and residents alike will enjoy seeing what the city’s art scene has to offer.

Lay Down Mulch

The only thing worse than bare dirt in a park is the mud that the dirt turns into on a rainy day. Nobody enjoys getting their shoes filthy during a walk in the park, and gardens look grim when the soil is eroding away. Mulch provides cover for the dirt in your park and gives the entire area a much more pleasant appearance. Try laying some mulch down in all the gardens and around the base of every tree. You’ll be amazed at how this single step transforms the appearance of the entire park. In a sense, mulch is like the make-up of an outdoor area, drawing out all the park’s prettiest features.

Pay For Lawn Maintenance

If there’s one area you shouldn’t skimp out on when running a city park, it’s lawn maintenance. From playing frisbee to having a picnic, pretty much every quintessential park activity requires a decent lawn. Nobody enjoys sitting down in a patch of mud, and grass that’s too long feels itchy on your ankles. The problem is that taking care of a massive public lawn is a lot of work. Laying down seed, fertilizing the soil, watering the grass, and running a mower every week is too much work for most park caretakers to handle. That’s why you’re better off hiring professionals. For a decent price, a local lawn maintenance company can keep the city’s grass just how the residents like it.

Invest In Stylish Furniture
While more active visitors run and play, other people just want to sit down in the park and relax. That’s why having plenty of outdoor furniture is important. Cheap benches are bound to rust or rot after just a few years, leaving a smattering of eyesores throughout the area. Consider investing in stylish new-age chairs or stately marble benches to give your park a more elegant aesthetic. Not only will residents enjoy sitting down in the park, but they’ll look good doing it.