5 of the Best LLC Formation Services in the U.S.

Formation services have the advantage of potentially reducing startup costs and offering Employer Identification (EIN) and Registered Agent services. 

There are many online formation services who will help you to form your LLC, but at a price. The services offered and the costs involved vary, but below is an exploration of five of the most popular and well-reviewed formation companies, from the top rated to the lowest rated. They are as follows:

1.   ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is ideal for small businesses especially based on their quality services in general. Their fee is very affordable with prices starting at $39 annually, not including state fees.  Depending on your specific needs, there are three packages which are all comprised of a registered agent service, a free Operating Agreement and a hassle-free CPA assessment. 

In fact, ZenBusiness rates the highest especially because they offer the most exceptional registered agent service. The operating agreement is a legal necessity which outlines the structure of the company, especially in terms of its ownership, and ZenBusiness takes care of its formation for you. 

The hassle-free CPA assessment offers you an appraisal of your businesses’ financial requirements and suggest a registered CPA who is best suited to your company’s needs. This is done at no extra cost to yourself. 

Should you wish to have access to many other premium benefits, there is the option to upgrade to either ZenBusiness Pro or ZenBusiness Premium with the highest price being $249 plus the state fee. 

2.   Rocket Lawyer

Should you require continuing legal services even after the formation of the LLC, then Rocket Lawyer is the best formation service for you. Rocket Lawyer is different to other formation services in that it provides a subscription-based model. This means that your business has access to continuing legal services, especially if you are a premium member where you have the ability to access legal documents and advice, as well as much more. 

TRUiC (The Really Useful Information Company) has collaborated with the formation service to offer clients premium membership services at the amazing price of only $349.99 plus state fees. This is a discount of over 45%, and the bundle is comprised of a free Incorporation Service, 1 year of Registered Agent Services, and 1 Year legal Services. 

3.   Incfile

Incfile is known to provide excellent service at a very affordable rate, even in their basic pricing plan. The Silver Package is comprised of the formation of the LLC, one free year of a registered agent service, and lifetime business compliance notifications. This Silver Package is free with the exclusion of state fees, and the Operating Agreement has a price of $40 attached. 

4.   Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest is especially suited to providing the LLC services that are most instrumental in an online business creation. Not only their most expensive package, but also their middle of the range one, incorporates an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and Operating Agreement. Registered Agent services are incorporated into their basic packages which cost $49 plus the state fee. Every consequent year will cost you $125. 

One of the primary benefits of Northwest is their exceptional customer service. They are known for offering their clients Corporate Guides, U.S.-based support agents who are trained to be especially suited to the role. As a primary point of contact, each client has s Support Agent allocated to them who are able to promptly respond to any queries or concerns. 

5.   LegalZoom

LegalZoom is primarily concentrated on full legal services which extend past the simple LLC formation. They are also one of the most well-known formation services, however, this has the implication that the company costs a great deal more than the previous services mentioned. LegalZoom is ideal for you if you have the ability to pay a great deal more in order to have brand backing. 

For more information on the top 5 formation services and which one is best suited to your business, TRUiC offers in-depth analyses and a breakdown of the costs of each one in accordance with their special features.