3 Areas Of Your Bathroom That You Should Be Giving More Attention

The bathroom of your home is one of the dirtiest places that you likely visit very frequently. And while you might know that you need to be cleaning things like the toilet and the mirror, there are likely places in your bathroom that should be being cleaned more often than they currently are. 

Whether you’ve neglected these areas due to a lack of time or simply not realizing that these parts of your bathroom need to be cleaned, too, here are three areas of your bathroom that you should be giving more attention to. 

The Sink

The sink is likely the most used area of your bathroom. While you use the sink to wash your hands after using the toilet, you also use the sink for things like brushing your teeth. With everything that’s going on in your sink, it’s vital that you clean it out basically every day. 

Because you use the sink to wash your hands after using the toilet, the germs that were on your hands from the toilet are now in the sink. And if you don’t wash the sink out and disinfect it daily, those germs are going to be splashing up onto your hands when you wash at other times, clinging to anything that you might drop in the sink, and contaminating other areas of the bathroom as well. So if you’re not already disinfecting your sink on a daily basis, this is something you should start making a habit. 

The Drains

Along with cleaning the basin of your sink, you should also likely be spending more time cleaning the drain of your sink as well. Everything that goes into your sink is going to go through the drain, and so you want to be sure that no germs or bacteria is getting caught there. 

In addition to the drain in your sink, you should also clean the drain in your bathtub more often. Dirt, hair, and other debris can get caught in this drain and make it hard for water to effectively drain out of the tub. So after you’ve cleared the drain and removed anything that might be blocking it, both above and beneath, you should also make sure you’re giving it a good scrub as well. 

The Rug

Most bathrooms have at least one rug on the floor to help with things like soaking up water and keeping the cold floor from freezing your feet. However, many people forget that this is a part of their bathroom that they need to be cleaning on a regular basis. 

When something drops on the floor of your bathroom, it’s dropping on your rugs. And because bathrooms are breeding grounds for mold, bacteria, and fungus, you want to make sure that any of this that may be on your rugs is being washed off often. So if you’re not already throwing your bathroom rugs into the washing machine each week, it’s time to start doing so. 

If you want to make sure that your entire bathroom is as clean as can be, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you remember to clean some places that you might be forgetting.