Boat Charters Create Better Adventures

There are many ways to enjoy your leisure time, but if you are tired of doing holidays the same way, maybe it is time to try a more exceptional experience. Forget about hotels and theme parks, go out to sea, explore some coastlines, and become one with nature on a yacht. Chartering a Yacht is not as expensive as you might think, and nothing can compare to having your own personal cruise. On a yacht the journey is everything, and you will have unique experiences to connect with family and friends while doing so. Here are a few different ways you can experience a yacht charter.

  • Bareboat Charter: Hiring a bareboat means that you hire the boat and everything else is up to you. You supply the food, the crew, and the destination, as well as anything else you might need. You can hire for a day or go on an extended adventure. It is worth noting that day boat charter in Phuket is available and there are some spectacular regions in the Andaman Sea. To do this, the charter company will require the skipper to show some credentials such as a day skipper certificate. They are not about to let an expensive yacht sail away with just anyone.
  • Crewed Charter: In this scenario, the captain comes with the ship, and perhaps a chef and a crewman as well, depending on the vessel. Although you might be asked to help, you will not be required to know anything about sailing, so you can enjoy yourself and have a nice holiday. You can go where you like, but some companies do offer set tours that bring you to known points of interest. So, in this way you get a guide as well as a captain.
  • Cabin Charter: The cabin charter is where you are not renting the boat, but the cabin, and so you are on a journey with others. They may be members of your group, or people you will for the first time onboard. This would likely occur aboard a Superyacht, and you would be travelling for more than just a day.
  • Yacht Charter: This is a true luxury experience of the highest standards. The yacht, most likely a superyacht, is yours for the duration it includes a full crew, kitchen staff, wait staff, all the food and drinks and you set the course.
  • Fishing Charter: Obviously, the goal here is to go out and catch some fish. A fishing charter is not likely to be a luxury experience, fishing boats don’t often include a hot tub or a helipad. But for some people, there is no place they would rather be. A fishing charter is quite unlimited as to the size of the vessel, crew complement, or accommodations. But it is still a wonderful experience to share with friends.

Chartering a boat is something everyone should do at least once in their life. It is a unique experience to be out on the sea. There is no parallel to be found on land. People are different at sea, and you will be sure to create memories that will last you a lifetime.