Aspects of Yoga to Bear in Mind

More and more Australians are discovering the many benefits of practicing yoga; an ancient eastern art that combines the body, the mind and the spirit. Is yoga for everyone? Well, as there many different forms of yoga, the answer to that question would be a resounding yes. Some forms of yoga focus on strengthening, while others tone the muscles and several yoga practices strive for spiritual enlightenment. If you are thinking of trying yoga, here are a few things to bear in mind.

  • The Right Clothing & Equipment – Regardless of which type of yoga you wish to follow, you can shop for yoga mats online in Australia and they would also sell the leggings and tops that are designed with yoga in mind. Yoga garments are made from a combination of polyester, spandex and cotton, which gives a stretch fabric that allows the skin to breathe, and when you buy top quality leggings, you can integrate them into your regular wardrobe, as most women do.
  • Classes or Online Instruction? – Of course, you will develop yoga much faster if you enrol in a yoga beginner’s course and they even have virtual yoga classes, which means you can practice during the lockdown. If you would prefer to negotiate your way through the learning process, there are good, easy-to-follow YouTube videos, which allows you to learn at your own pace. There are lots of free resources online that can help you to gain a deeper understanding of yoga and you can listen to wise Indian gurus talking about the benefits of this amazing discipline.
  • Meditation – Even if you have no plans to take up yoga, you should look into meditation, as the two go hand in hand to some degree and you will be introduced to the art of being with oneself when you enter the yoga arena. If you are currently under lockdown, then meditation will help to reduce stress and regardless of your age, it is recommended that you explore your own mind, as often the answers to the questions we ask come from within. Here is some further reading on why you should take up yoga, which highlights the many benefits.
  • Focus on Overall Well-Being – This is very much the goal with yoga and when you learn to relax and breathe correctly, the positions are much easier to maintain. There are ebooks on all aspects of yoga, indeed, many yoga studios offer a free ebook download when you register, or you can buy such publications from the online bookstore.
  • Balanced Diet – What you eat plays a vital role in your physical and mental well-being, so do make sure you get all the protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that your body needs on a daily basis. A glass of milk every day is recommended, along with fresh fruit and vegetables, which can be ordered online from a local organic farm. Click here for government information on the importance of a balanced diet.

Millions of people around the world enjoy the many benefits of practicing yoga and by making preparations and being open-minded, you should benefit from spending a few hours a week practicing yoga.