Ladakh: Amazing Places To Visit in 2021

Ladakh is a canvas of unrivaled natural splendour. In May, you can see a huge expanse of lush green countryside contrasted against magnificent white-washed snow-capped peaks. The splendor of this location is beyond description. Visiting Leh and Ladakh may be a fantastic experience due to the abundance of natural beauty in these areas. 

The rare beauty of Ladakh inspires many travelers to have fun in the open skies amidst high mountains and awe-inspiring landscapes. It is an excellent location for adventure sports, and there are some wonderful spots to explore in Ladakh that are both spectacular and mind-boggling.

Our comprehensive guide, filled with all the details you will need to make your ideal vacation successful. After a long, cold winter, a winter wonderland is described. With temperatures ranging from 15 to 16 degrees, it will remain chilly. Through our Leh Ladakh travel guide, let us explore and dig into this interesting area and the best time to visit Leh Ladakh. As a result, read down to learn more about the finest locations to visit in Leh Ladakh. 

Leh Palace

Leh Palace is a unique example of Tibeto-Himalayan architecture from the past. It is a nine-story palace, making it one of Ladakh’s biggest structures at the period. One of the major historical monuments of the Himalayan region, the Leh palace still stands in its ruined state situated at a very short distance from the main market. It was erected in the 17th century and was originally the home of Ladakh’s royal dynasty. 


A trip to Leh Ladakh is incomplete without a visit to Kargil which is one of the major tourist places in Ladakh. It is Ladakh’s second-largest city, situated on the Indus River’s banks. Also, it is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts as they can enjoy sports like trekking and mountaineering. Make sure you bring adequate clothes to enjoy these activities in one of Leh Ladakh’s most recognized locations.

Nubra Valley

In May, the Nubra Valley in Ladakh is a must-see location because it encourages you to embark on a trip ahead of time. While heading to the valley, bring plenty of water with you. As a result, it’s a must-see when you are out and about in Leh’s lovely countryside. One of the famous places to visit here is Samastanling Monastery, which should be on your list. You will be almost 2000 meters above sea level, and you may experience severe headaches and nausea. 

Shanti Stupa   

What better place to spark some thoughts from within? The Shanti Stupa, located on a hill in Chanspa, Leh, is one of the most beautiful Buddhist structures in the world and serene Buddhist structures in the far north of India for the finest Ladakh tourism spots. Also, the panoramic views of its surrounding landscape make Shanti Stupa one of the best tourist places in Ladakh. 

Hemis Monastery 

Perched atop a hill surrounded by majestic mountains, Hemis Monastery is situated on the west bank of the Indus River, one of the important rivers of India. The monastery is around 45 kilometers outside of Leh. The magnificence of this quaint monastery, adorned with colorful prayer flags fluttering in the wind, is beyond words. In the year 1630, it belonged to the Drukpa dynasty or the Red sect of Buddhism.

Zanskar Valley 

A jewel in the Himalayan range and one of the most secluded places, it turns into a paradise from June to September. View the heavenly sky from the steep terrain covered with thick snow. Jaw-dropping white river rafting in the tributaries of the Zanskar River comes on the bucket list of world travelers who love thrilling experiences. This valley receives excessive snowfall in winters which prevent tourists from visiting. 


Its close association with the Moon is the main reason why this beautiful naturally occurring land is one of the best places to visit in Ladakh, which is hard to miss on the way to Lamayuru. If you want to visit one of the most amazing unseen places in Leh, this is the place. It is best to visit this place during the full moon as it is believed to be a unique experience with the reflection of moonlight on such a surface.  

Stupa Shanti

Shanti Stupa is a remarkable achievement of Buddhist architectural brilliance strategically placed on a steep hill in Leh at a height of 3,609 meters. It is seen as a symbol of Japan’s friendship with the people of Ladakh. Since its opening to the public, the stupa has become one of Ladakh’s must-see attractions. Complete peace has been bestowed to Shanti Stupa, which is beyond the grasp of anarchy.

Central Museum 

It is a compact history museum with exhibits of knowledge about the history and culture of the region. The stupa provides panoramic views of the mountains in the area. A motorable road goes to the summit of the hill, where Shanti Stupa is located, or you may climb 500 steps if you are looking for adventure. It gives a bird’s eye perspective over the lively city of Leh, as well as a glimpse of the Leh Palace. Situated on Leh’s main market road.  

Best Time To Visit Leh Ladakh

Are you planning to visit Leh Ladakh? Then, you should know about the best time to go there. Months of April-May are known as the best time to visit. Also, the temperature in Leh remains moderate and you can explore the best places to visit in Ladakh during this time.

In the Nutshell

I hope, this blog may excite you already? Planning a holiday well in advance has its perks. Still confused, from where to start? Travel Foxx will help you out to find out the best places in Leh Ladakh to start your journey. So, get your bags packed and it’s time to treat the traveler in you!