What Does the Future of Streaming Services Hold?

There have been some major changes surrounding how people consume television. In the past, people accepted the fact that they would have to deal with long commercial breaks. Furthermore, they also accepted the cable companies were going to control them forever. As the internet has continued to become more powerful, new possibilities have been opened up, such as Android TV Launch Control, which people can click here to learn about. This is where streaming services came into the picture.

Streaming Services Provide a New Alternative

As episodes of the famous TV show South Park have pointed out, people are desperate for an alternative to traditional cable services. This is where streaming services were developed. Many people remember the first days Netflix. The service was actually designed around mailing DVDs to people’s houses. Now, the situation has changed. And the eyes of many, including the younger generation who are much more comfortable with the internet, streaming services are the way to go. Even though cable companies still have a virtual trust set up surrounding how, when, and where people can watch programming, they do not go on the internet. As a result, streaming services have sent a picture and have encouraged people to cut the cord.

The Growth of the Streaming Wars

The internet has continued to get more powerful and the streaming wars have continued to pick up. Now, Netflix is far from the only streaming option available. Options such as Sling TV, Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN plus, and even Quibi have entered the picture. This has led to the development of something called the streaming Wars, where all of these providers are competing for the business of the viewing audience. Given that this is where streaming services are currently located, there are many who are wondering what the future holds for these applications. 

The Future Could Be the Cable Bundle

One option that many people propose is something called the cable bundle. Even though streaming services have become incredibly popular, cable is far from dead. There are many people who still have a cable subscription. Often, these descriptions come with thousands of channels even though people only watch a few dozen. Therefore, the future could be bundling certain television channels together. Sling TV has already offered something similar but it might not be reliable enough to completely replace cable. If cable providers start to catch on, they might start offering this service as well. 

Streaming Services Continue to Dominate the Airwaves

Right now, the only thing that is certain is that streaming services are continuing to dominate the airwaves. As these services continue to push people to cut the cord, cable companies are only going to struggle more and more. As a result, it will be interesting to see how cable companies respond. It is possible that the streaming wars could evolve to include cable companies as well.