3 Tips for Throwing a Surprise Birthday Party for Your Dad’s 60th

Once we hit our 30th birthday, I find that the special birthdays seem to only roll around each decade. If your dad’s birthday is coming up, chances are you want to do something to celebrate. Throwing a surprise party for your dad is a great way to make him feel special, and to show appreciation for all he did for you when you’re growing up. Planning a great 60th birthday doesn’t have to be too challenging. Use these 3 tips for throwing a surprise birthday party for your dad’s 60th and I’m sure you’ll do a great job!

Go for a Theme:

I’m a big fan of themed birthdays. You can really go “all out” having everything related to a specific theme, or just add touches of a theme to give the party a little personality. I suggest investing in custom bday invitations so that you can start with the theme from the very moment someone receives their invite. First decide on the theme – are there any sports teams, movies, bands, or even activities that your dad is really into? That can be a great place to start for a theme. For example, if he loves the Lord of the Rings themes, you can create 60th birthday invitations for him

that are centered around this theme. You’re going to want to incorporate the theme in as many ways as you can, from the decoration, cake, right through to any games you might have at the party. If you want to take it one step further, why not make it a dress up party?

Focus on Drinks:

Does your dad enjoy drinking? Maybe he has a favorite beer or cocktail that he loves. Why not serve this at his party? If he fancies a cocktail, why not create one that you can name after him. This is a surefire way to add a little personality to your dad’s party. Once you’ve got his drink of choice sorted, it’s time to think about the guests. Be sure to include a handful of non-alcoholic drinks to ensure there’s something for everyone.

Curate a Guest List:

One of the challenges of hosting a surprise party is ensuring that all the guests your guest of honor would want to invite are invited. Enlist the help of the rest of your family to ensure you’re covering all the bases. But as a general rule, make sure you’ve invited your dad’s colleagues, sport friends, old college friends and any close family members you think he would want there to celebrate. Mixing different groups of friends will ensure that it’s a really fun party! If you’re aware that many of the guests may not have yet met each other, maybe incorporate some mixing games in order to get everyone talking to each other.

Hosting a surprise birthday party for your dad’s 60th is a great way to make your dad feel special and loved. Hopefully these three tips help ensure that you create a wonderful birthday he will remember for years to come.