The Future of Gaming: Exciting Innovations

If you are one of the many people around the world who love gaming, the coming couple of years will be a game-changer, with new tech emerging that will leave behind the gaming that you know and love. We all know how rapid digital tech is developing, and with the Internet of Things about to be launched, all digital devices will be interconnected by a network powered by 5G.

The End of Desktop PCs

Sadly, we are seeing the gradual phase out of the traditional desktop PC, to be replaced by the super-powerful gaming laptop with amazing speeds, and we can expect to see tablet-size devices emerging, with capabilities that far exceed what we have today. Imagine being able to program your car to take you to another part of the country, and with the same hand-held device, you can transfer money, turn on the climate control at home and check that the dog has been fed.

Virtual Reality

VR offers so much potential to the gamer, and as the tech develops, the price of headsets and software will decrease, and with improved graphics and lightning fast response, the gaming experience will be taken to another level. We might see special platforms that move in sync with the headset, allowing you to experience downhill skiing or racing a superbike at the Isle of Man, while The Internet of Things could host virtual worlds that we can enter and interact with other gamers. Of course, while you are online, cyber-security is always an issue, which is something to consider.

5G Data Transfer

This will be a game changer, allowing the programmers to write complex codes with rich graphics that are instantly shown on your screen. The plan is to have hundreds of 5G satellites that beam data down to millions of transponders placed on low towers, giving the entire planet hi-speed Internet, and Elon Musk and Space X have already deployed a few hundred of these amazing satellites, with hundreds more planned over the next 2 years.

Gaming Environments

There are already state of the art gaming chairs that allow you to play for hours while comfortable in a hugging chair, and you can expect to see audio speakers inset into the chair back, giving the gamer surround-sound.

Artificial Intelligence

AI will certainly play a role in the future of gaming, just how much remains to be seen, and with scientists talking about merging the human conscious with AI, the potential is mind-blowing. Imagine uploading gaming skills into your brain? Who knows what the future holds? AI is already being developed by tech giants like Google, and it is used to decide what you see on your online feed, and with the right safety checks in place, we can utilise AI for many beneficial things. Here is some government information about future AI strategies, which makes for an interesting read.

It won’t be long until we stop using cables for data transfer, as the entire world enjoys Bluetooth technology, which is constantly being developed, and when you think about it, we are already well into the wireless age, with keyboards and other peripherals using this technology.