Google Home Cons and Pros to Lookout

Google Home is a leading virtual assistant smart device with an audio option. It has an embedded microphone, which allows it to accept voice commands. The device assimilates Google Assistant in its features. It is an ideal option when looking for answers to complex questions on Google or making voice-simulated phone calls. The device plays a vital role in identifying various voices and casting video or audio notes.

The technology comes with a fair share of pros and cons that you should look out when planning to order one. For starters, the following are some of its advantages.

1. Excellent Ability to Give Accurate Answers

As compared to other devices of its nature, Google Home has proven to be superior when it comes to answering questions. It influences Google’s Knowledge Graph, which houses facts about millions of topics. It provides answers to the relationship between multiple subjects.

Google Home has proven to understand investigative questions. For example, it can provide answers to a question on how a particular soccer team is performing and give information about future matches.

2. You Can Use It to Play Videos on Your TV

Its ability to play videos on a TV is an incredible feature that makes it adorable. If you love watching YouTube videos, you can enjoy more by casting them to your TV using the Google Home device.

3. Google Home Can Recognize Various Voices

The advanced feature allows users to obtain personalized answers depending on their voices. The advantage is that one gets the most apposite results on the questions he or she asks.

4. It Supports Audio Casting to Numerous Devices

It allows you to stream audio music to multiple speakers through the help of Chromecast Audio. It is an ideal option if you are looking for a way to install speakers in different rooms.

5. The Installation Process Is Less Complicated

It comes with a friendly installation procedure that only requires you to visit Google play, where you can download the application. The final step involves configuring the device for it to work with your WiFi. Google Home is then ready for use.

6. It Comes With an Elegant Design

Among the features that make it admirable is its design. It is small, with dimensions of 96,4 mm x 142,8 mm. Its shape makes it fit in any location of your house, including the corners. You can customize the device to match the interior decor of your choice.

7. It Supports Hands-Free Calls

Are you in Canada or the US? Well, you can utilize the hands-free calling feature if you are using a Google Home device. That way, you do not have to stop executing other duties to make a call. It is ideal when you are making emergency calls, for example, when you need a technician to help you with a failed ignition key.

8. Can Offer Cooking Guidelines

Do you have trouble preparing your favorite meal? Well, Google Home can offer you systematic guidelines to help you with every step of cooking. That way, you can learn new recipes with minimal struggle.

9. Bluetooth Connectivity

One of the conveniences that Google home offer is the Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to stream audio files effectively.

10. It Is Widely Available

For anyone interested in buying the Google Home device, the process is now less stressful, as it is available in numerous countries. They include Canada, Germany, Australia, United States, France, and the United Kingdom.

11. You Can Connect It To Your Smart Lock

Yes, from 2018 you can connect Nest x Yale Smart Lock to your Google Home device. If you don’t have this kind of smart lock, an experienced locksmith can help you to install it.

Disadvantages of Google Home

Despite its adorable features, the Google Home device has a few drawbacks that clients have sited after using it. However, it remains reliable for many users. Some of the limitations and disadvantages include;

1. Low-Quality Sound of the Speakers

Many customers who have used the Google Home device have raised concerns about the quality of sound, especially when it comes to adjusting the volume control. It takes longer to respond to the new set level of volume.

2. It Accommodates Only a Few Appliances

With its advanced features, clients would expect Google home to interact with a wide range of household equipment rather than just the bulbs and other little stuff it accommodates.

3. Time Consciousness

Clients have also stated that the device is unable to differentiate the time frame. For example, when you say good morning past the morning hours, it responds the same way.

With those few insights, you can now make an informed decision when planning to procure a Google home device.