3 Tips For Preparing Your Home For The Rainy Season

In many places of the world, spring and summer bring very rainy weather. In other areas, the winter can be a particularly rainy time of year. 

Whenever your rainy season falls, it’s good to be prepared for this change in the seasons before they actually take place. So to help you be ready when the rains start to fall, here are three tips for preparing your home for the rainy season. 

Seal Everything Off

The first and the best thing you can do to protect your home and property from heavy rains is to seal everything off. 

According to Don Vandervort, a contributor to Home Tips, you should be checking the siding of your home for any holes or cracks that could let rain or other moisture inside. Additionally, you should also fill in any cracks in other exterior walls so they don’t get damaged and cause other damage around your property. And if the paint on your home or other outbuildings is chipping or cracking, you may want to get another coat of paint applied to add an additional layer of protection to the exterior of these structures. 

Cut Back Vegetation

Usually, storms that bring a lot of rain will also be accompanied by wind or other weather events. Because of this, you’ll want to ensure that your home and property are prepared for whatever weather might come with the rain and cause even more damage.

To help you with this, the Los Angeles Daily News recommends that you spend some time cutting back any vegetation that’s close to your home or other outbuildings. With strong rain and winds, trees or bushes can get uprooted or broken and then moved around your property where they could hit something that creates a lot more damage. So if you have tree branches that hang over your home or bushes and shrubs that could be potentially dangerous projectiles, try to cut them down so they aren’t as high profile. 

Ensure Proper Drainage

With a lot of rain and water accumulating around your home and property, you’re going to want to ensure that you have proper drainage.

As part of the draining around your property, Perry Carpenter, a contributor to DoItYourself.com, recommends that you thoroughly clear out your gutters before the rainy season starts in your area. Additionally, you’ll want to be sure that any downspouts around your home are funneled away from the structure’s foundation and that all flowing water will move toward the lowest point that’s away from trees or buildings that could take on any damage. 

If you’re going to be experiencing a rainy season in your area soon, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you prepare your home for this.