Home Improvement Projects That Build Equity

When you become a homeowner, you are making a long term investment.  Your property is yours to mess up or fix up, and fixing up a property your own build equity.  

If you don’t plan to own the place forever, then you want to invest in building the equity of the space while you occupy it.  Finding home improvement projects that get you the most bang for your buck will help you boost the ROI (return on investment) reaped.  

Take a moment now to check out these home improvement suggestions, and start making a plan to build your home equity today. 

Upgrading to smart home features 

Adding smart features to your home is always an upgrade in equity.  Incorporate security features like cameras and motion alarms.  Upgrade the appliances to energy saving smart devices.  

Put all of your lighting and locks on smart controls, and you’ll have what seems like a whole different house.  Adding technology to your design will be seen as a delightful perk to future buyers, and you’ll get a decent ROI on the upgrade.  

Adding a wooden deck area

Adding an outdoor living space is an enjoyable way to boost the equity in your home.  The ability to lounge, host, grill, and eat comfortably outside is valuable to home buyers.  

You’ll get a little more than 75 percent return on your investment when you add a wooden deck space, though the cost of a deck installation is heavily dependent upon what you want it to be when it’s finished.  

Remodeling the kitchen

A kitchen remodel can do a lot to change the whole experience of the house, depending on how extensive the changes are when the job is completed.  A full kitchen remodel isn’t cheap, but even a light kitchen upgrade can draw quite a bang for your buck.  

People spend a lot of time in the kitchen of their home, and having a well designed kitchen area is a perk to home buyers.  Research the best ways to take your kitchen to the next level, and consider which upgrades best suit your situation.  

Upgrading the bathrooms

People also spend a lot of time in their bathrooms.  Having new or updated bathrooms in your home is appealing to buyers.  A smart bathroom remodel can be done for under $20,000, and you will recuperate nearly 70 percent of the cost in equity.  

Why not take the time to add $14,000 in value to your property, when you will also have the time to really enjoy the upgrades yourself first?

Energy efficient windows update

The quality of the windows in your home makes a huge difference in the value and buyer appeal of the property.  Old and drafty windows make potential buyers start to worry about other critical elements of the house.  

New, energy efficient windows will save you money on heating and cooling while you’re still living in the house, and draw you a ROI kickback when you decide it’s time to sell the property.