E-Commerce Solutions For Your Small Business

It may seem like a difficult path to get your business functional online.  If you know nothing about coding or IT, building a business website could seem like even more of a monumental task.  Lucky for you, there are plenty of resources online that will help guide your way.  

Don’t allow yourself to be paralyzed by the unknown, and start digging into the information you need to conquer the task at hand.  Take some time now to read through a brief look at a few e-commerce solutions for your small business. 


Your business website is the beginning of your e-commerce operations, so you want to make sure you utilize a functional building tool.  Weebly will help noobs build a gorgeous business website, complete with an online store, in just a few clicks.  

The platform does all of the complicated coding for you, so you don’t have to be an expert to build a quality product.  You can also use Weebly to sync all of your financial information to Square, so you have the option to make transactions on the go.  


If you choose WordPress to build your business website, WooCommerce is an excellent addition to your build.  If you have some coding skills, WooCommerce will do everything you need it to do to build a strong e-commerce solution for your business.  

The only note to make a point to remember is that you have to use WordPress to use WooCommerce.  If you need help honing your coding skills, there are numerous online outlets/communities full of helpful insights.  


If you have professional coding skills (or the money to hire someone who does), then ZenCart could be the best e-commerce choice for your business.  Before you start crafting the perfect email confirmation letter, make sure you’ve got a functional e-commerce platform on your side.

ZenCart gives you a lot of power over the design of your platform, so you can make it into whatever you need to compliment your business.  Square is also easily integrated into a ZenCart build.  


Wix is the leading resource for business owners who have no idea how to build a website from scratch.  If you have no coding knowledge at all, Wix will help. Wix is another flexible program that is easily integrated with Square for on the go transactions.  


Magento is an excellent e-commerce booster that is built to help you grow your small business.  If you have a moderate knowledge of coding, you can use Magento to do pretty much anything your heart desires.  Linking Square to Magento is the best solution for managing your online store with ease.