How to turn your Instagram followers into loyal customers

Instagram is not just an incredible social media platform but also useful as a business promoter. With nearly 1 Billion monthly active users, Instagram has proved to be a leading app to gain customers for your business. 

The main question is – how to turn these followers into loyal customers? What is the process of making this happen? If your mind is muddled with the same question, it’s time to find the right answer and change the game. 

Here’s how you can turn your Instagram followers into loyal customers in no time at all!

1. Reward your customers

Everyone loves easy purchases. If you are struggling to push your customers to the final stage of the sales funnel, offer them something so irresistible that they can buy your product without batting an eyelid.

For instance, attract your customers with promo codes or impeccable discounts along with hefty purchases of your product. Promote these offers/sales everywhere – from your story to your posts to your live sessions. Make sure your customers are well-informed about this properly so that they can avail of the offer at their comfort. 

Check how the e-commerce giant, Amazon promoted its fresh service via discounts:


2. Give them an easy shopping experience 

Anything that requires extra effort is rarely fascinating. But what if you provided easy shopping experiences to your customers? – Obviously, they’ll be in for it!

Instagram’s new feature, ‘shoppable Instagram’ is an e-commerce tool that allows your customers to purchase your products conveniently. By clicking the bio link on your profile, they can see all your product images that look just like Instagram. This is a very powerful means of gaining loyal customers as they’ll be hooked to you for convenient shopping.

3. Host a contest

Everyone loves making money from home. Instagram contests are not only easy means of doing it but also highly interesting that will help you gain a large following at the earliest.

Host a contest and offer exciting rewards to the participants. Anyone who is willing to buy maximum products from your page can win the best prizes available. In no time, buyers will flock to your brand to win the contest and your business will gain its customers like never before. This will eventually help you to improve your sales numbers without spending too much on it. Running contests on Instagram can give you the required interaction in terms of Instagram views and likes on your profile.

4. Insert CTA consistently 

Although visual stories are a great way to lure customers into buying your products CTAs are exceptionally good at their job. A potential call to action will also guide your customers to your desired webpages and come across relevant information you want to tell them.

When you direct your customers with different steps, they will automatically do what you want them to do. This will consume less time and energy that would have been otherwise wasted in baseless advertisements. Thus, this method is ideal for people who want to transform their browsers into potential buyers. Collaboration software is critical here too, as it can help you communicate across your team to keep the messaging and CTAs aligned as your browsers move through your funnel towards conversion.

Here’s a tiny inspiration-peak from Lokai, a New-York based lifestyle brand. It follows a pretty direct approach to drive its customers:


5. Use Influencer marketing 

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business at large and gain loyal customers for real. By requesting influencers to promote your products on their page, you can extract their followers and compel them to buy your products on your Instagram account.

Since influencers are highly famous, they are potentially fit for this job. You can go for both paid and non-paid means to do this kind of marketing and sit to observe a massive rise in your customer-count. It will be ideal if you pick influencers from the same niche if your industry. This will work wonders in connecting with targeted audiences and will help you reach out to the customer base which was unexplored to you.

When Brands like Sony use over 30 million influencers to promote their phone Xperia Z5, successfully gauging over 17 million potential contacts, you know it’s a big deal!


The different techniques to gain loyal customers will surely guide you to throng your Instagram with the best buyers and increase your revenue sales within a hassle-free experience.

Do not forget to implement these methods if you wish to experience the difference and soar to new heights with your amazing business. These effective strategies will also help you to increase your Instagram followers, boost visibility and enhance the popularity of your products at the same time. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s bring the change you want to see in your business!