5 Reasons Why Every Call Center Should Use an Integrated Ticketing System

Managing customer relationships is a crucial aspect of almost every business. That’s why many companies have adopted the use of CRM solutions like Zendesk to track, access, and analyze crucial customer data. Even so, some businesses that field customer service requests may not be taking full advantage of this data. If you use call center software to interact with customers but aren’t using an integrated approach to ticketing, you’re definitely missing out. Here are five big-picture reasons why having Zendesk call center software integration can be game-changing for your business.

Handle call volume changes

If you know when your business receives its peak amount of calls, you can better plan to staff your call center during those times. This can help you deal with the natural ebb and flow of a day’s worth of calls and support requests without overstaffing or understaffing any specific window of time. It also allows you to maximize downtime for other activities like training, rotating through smaller groupings of agents while others hold down the lines.

Reduce call volume 

In any call center, there are times where calls will queue up while agents handle other customers’ requests. One way that an integrated ticketing system can decrease the amount of calls each agent receives is by using automatic call distribution settings to route calls to specific agents based on need and experience. For example, simpler requests could be routed to newer agents, while more complicated issues get fielded by your veteran support agents. This ultimately reduces how many calls each agent receives and helps avoid burnout and fatigue over the course of the workday.

Automate customer requests 

Two of the most important factors for a positive customer interaction are accuracy and efficiency. No one wants to spend twenty minutes solving a simple problem on the phone or through web chat. Your customers’ time is very important to honor if you want to avoid negative tweets and statuses about your hold times or service, and an integrated ticketing system can meet these needs. For example, by routing callers to an expert agent after pre-determining their issue through simple phone prompts, you can quickly resolve their problems and leave them satisfied with their interaction. 

Deliver omnichannel support 

Omnichannel call center software is quickly becoming the industry standard for delivering great service to your customers. Customers want to be able to have the option to talk with an agent in myriad ways, whether it’s through web-based chat, on the phone, or through SMS messaging. An integrated ticketing system tracks user preferences and allows for easy transitions from one channel to the next without losing the thread of communication. It also means that agents can draw upon previous communications like emails to see if a caller is following up on a question that hasn’t been resolved yet or has a new request.

Gain insight through analytics

Making data-driven decisions is imperative if you want your business to succeed. While great ideas sometimes come from the gut, it’s important to know that you are addressing an issue that can be demonstrably measured. This could be anything from implementing a new strategy based on reworking agent schedules to recognizing a strategy to speed up chat communications. With data science becoming more and more important to your needs, it is crucial that companies invest in retraining employees. If you have access to the data being tracked, you’ll be able to come up with actionable solutions to improve your operations and make better decisions. 

An integrated ticketing system can clearly play a large role in improving the way your business operates and engages with customers. While improving processes around call volume or call logs, offering omnichannel solutions, and harnessing and analyzing data are some of the key benefits of an integrated call center solution, the above benefits only scratch the surface of how you can find success by integrating your CRM and call center software. Speak with a call center software company like Bright Pattern if you’re curious to learn more about how you can level up your customer support with integrated ticketing.