Protect All Types of Surfaces for Any Renovation Project

The planning process for any renovation project should include products and methods for protecting all of the vulnerable surfaces. The use of quality products from sources like Trimaco make this part of the job more manageable.

Trustworthy Floor Protection Products

Gathering together the right products for Surface protection means seeking out the most trustworthy sources. You don’t want to spread out a barrier to protect the floor from paint or scratches and have it tear, or fail to soak up small drops and spills. Trimaco offers a wide variety of items that are designed to last for the duration of your job, with a few being reusable.

Easy to Install Protection

You will find all of the protection products from Trimaco to be easy to roll out, measure, cut, seal, and begin using. It is offered in convenient bulk rolls that save you money on bigger, or numerous projects. It is affordable enough to make it easy for any contractor or home improvement company to stock up and have the products immediately available.

Multi-Surface Products for Complete Protection

You can feel confident there is a product for every Surface protection need. You can add cushion to guard against pressure damage or the effects of dropped tools or materials. You can block off sparks that can start a fire or cause noticeable burn marks. Moisture barriers are critical to cover delicate and sensitive surfaces. Many of the products come in a variety of thicknesses to adjust to the project at hand. All builders paper is tough enough to last the entire job without replacement.

Improve Project Safety

The safety of you, your employees, fellow contractors, and clients are important. You probably take every precaution available to ensure the equipment is used and placed in safe locations. Keeping the project area neat and organized is another great way to maintain a safe working environment. Adding the superabsorbent benefits of non-skid moisture barrier from Trimaco takes your safety measures to a whole new level.

Simple Clean-up

All of the reusable products are easy to roll up and remove from the work site when the job is done. The products are lightweight and don’t require extra labor for installing or removal. The one-use products can be removed and discarded or recycled. It makes clean up one of the easiest portions of the project.

You can take the hassles and worry out of any home improvement project by employing the right protection products for surfaces. It allows you the opportunity to place your concentration on getting the job done right.