Waiakea Water: More than a Business Venture

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is one of the fastest growing companies in the water business. It also ranks among the rapidly developing companies operating in every other area of business. The ranking is featured on the Inc. 500 list, which is produced yearly and features the top 500 fastest growing private companies in the United States. Ryan Emmons is the mastermind behind the water company. Waiakea Water began in 2012 with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The company uses the Mauna Loa volcanic springs located in Hawaii as its source of water.

The idea that led to the launch of the water business came after Ryan tasted the delicious spring water while visiting his mother’s family in Hawaii. He believed that if the waters were so refreshing to him, it would do the same for others. His love for water and water activities, such as surfing, also played a role in the inspiration to begin Waiakea. The volcanic water benefits include its wealth of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Waiakea Water also has an ideal alkaline level with a pH of 8.8 that not only improves the water flavor but also is vital to human health.

Only a small percentage of water bottles get recycled every year. Waiakea water is not just a business venture; it has also taken the initiative to take care of the environment, hence the change from bottles that take centuries to decompose at the expense of the environment to ones that entirely disintegrate in only a decade and a half. rPET supplies Waiakea Water’s packaging. The company uses nanotechnology on the bottles to ensure fast decomposition.

Ryan Emmons has a place in his heart for people who live in areas where clean water is not easily accessible. Therefore, Waiakea Water has taken steps to partner with non-profit organizations to ensure that fresh water aid gets to such people. One such organization is Pump Aid. Together, the two organizations have delivered millions of liters of water to people by digging wells and installing water pumps in villages in various regions around the world.

Several associations have recognized Waiakea Volcanic Water’s progress and have awarded the bottled water company for its excellent work. Waiakea Water has received various awards and rankings from the Specialty Food Association, Beverage World Magazine, and the Inc. 500 List. It is crystal clear that Waiakea Water does not intend to stop in its advancement as it improves its technology to ensure that its consumers enjoy quality water.