5 Unusual Hobbies To Get You Excited About Your Free Time

It seems that everybody talks a lot about the importance of having hobbies. It is a recommended way to nurture your sense of self, improve your mental health by filling your free time with activities that fill you with joy, and if you are in the dating game then indulging in social hobbies can even be a great way to meet a special someone. However, if you do not already have hobbies that you enjoy, then it can be really difficult to discover something that you feel excited about. To try and help with that, we have created this list of five unusual hobbies that might float your boat that are just a little bit outside of the usual run of the mill hobbies we all hear about so often.

  1. Find a Local Parkour Group

Though this is not a hobby to jump in the deep end with, if you are willing to put the time in and safely learn the ropes, this is a super exciting hobby that also keeps you active!

  1. Try Your Hand at Calligraphy 

Although it is somewhat of a dying art, this makes it even more worthwhile to learn. If you are more of a quiet person, then this could be the ideal new hobby for you – and when it comes to gift season (or birthdays the rest of the year!), you will be able to write beautiful cards and even create gorgeous gifts.

  1. Give Ice Skating A Go

Though nobody can expect to go from novice to Torville and Dean very quickly, there is no rule saying you have to be amazing at every activity you try your hand at. Ice skating does not have to be confined to being a fun festive activity in November and December – and in fact, if you do it the rest of the year too you can impress everyone with your skills when it does come back around to winter!

  1. Learn the Skills of Carpentry

Another less active suggestion, learning carpentry still requires dexterity and mental skill – it’s a complicated art! But that does not mean you can’t start simple. Though your long term goal might be to create a gorgeous new coffee table for your living room that becomes a conversation piece, impressing friends and family alike – it is probably best to start simple, as with anything else. Why not take to YouTube or a local class, and start off with something simple like a birdhouse or a quality chopping board? As well as carpentry, you could also try your hand at whittling – a charming fireside hobby you could get real satisfaction from!

  1. Indulge Your Inner 80s Vibes, and Try Rollerskating 

A lot of us have tried this particular sport as kids, but there is absolutely no reason we can’t also enjoy it as adults! Whether you are more interested in trying quad roller skates or the more streamlined inline skates, you can enjoy learning how to zoom around – maybe even with some newfound friends! Many towns have a roller rink, roller night at a multi purpose venue, or if not you could even use your local skate park to practice in if it is a multipurpose park. Wherever you end up practicing your new skills, have a great time!

We started off his article by talking about how difficult it can be to discover a new hobby that works for you. Well hopefully now we have reached the end, you feel like you have a few new things that you would like to try out. Whether you find yourself joining a local parkour group so you can safely learn the ropes, speeding around the ice rink, or whipping up a new birdhouse for your garden with your new carpentry skills – we hope our list has helped you to find a new, creative, enjoyable way to fill up your free time!