What You Should Know About Facebook Branding in 2021

The tragic death of Tony Hsieh, co-founder of the online shoe retailer Zappos, took many people by surprise when it was reported in December 2020. Financial magazines that published the sad news of Hsieh’s demise called attention to the significant legacy he left in terms of e-commerce innovation.

Zappos launched its online footwear operations before Facebook’s expansion from a fledgling social network for college students to a major social media platform for everyone. Hsieh was obsessive about dedicated customer service, and he recognized the opportunity to migrate this important business process from call centers and email inboxes to Facebook. The Harvard University graduate was a firm believer in touting the company’s excellent track record of customer service, and this is why he thought Facebook was an ideal platform for customer interaction; he wanted the entire world to see the issues that Zappos shoppers experienced, and he also wanted to leave a digital trail of the attention given as well as the resolution. Nothing was more important to Hsieh than to show that his company truly cared about customers.

Amazon eventually took over Zappos, but customers can still get service through Facebook if that is their preference. Not all companies will warm up to the idea of providing customer support through Facebook; however, it should be noted that it is phenomenal for branding in 2021 and beyond. Time and again, market intelligence surveys show that great service is what customers appreciate the most from the companies they choose to give their business. Great service is what caused Zappos to become an awesome brand, and we know this not just from reports published on financial news outlets; we can visit Zappos on Facebook in order to obtain social proof of their customer service operations.

There is no better branding than when Facebook users talk positively about dealing with your company. Using this social network as a customer service platform is not for all companies; like any business process, it requires a certain level of finesse and effort. Business owners and brand managers should keep in mind that conducting customer service over Facebook entails a high level of transparency with regard to how your company handles certain issues, which means that your customer support agents must be on point with their interactions because there is always the potential they could be seen by millions of people.

Having established that branding through excellent customer service on Facebook is something you should strongly consider in 2021, the next step would be to evaluate how to get started. Many digital business strategists will tell you that your best bet is to go with third-party software platforms such as Casengo, but this is not always the case. When you look at this company’s Facebook page, for example, you can’t see that all the elements needed for customer service are in place, but they are. A basic Facebook company page is all you need to start providing customer service on this social network, but you must have at least one agent always ready to respond to queries made directly on the page.