What to Do if You are Unhappy at University

University is supposed to be a happy time full of new experiences, memories to never forget, and, of course, a degree that can help advance someone’s career and enhance someone’s life. However, what happens if this is not the case? It can be very disappointing for those who want to have the experience that they dream of, but it also does not have to mean that it has come to an end.

This piece is going to look at what to do if you are unhappy and university, so read on to find out more.

Work Out Why You Are Unhappy

Perhaps the most obvious first step to take when you are unhappy at university is to work out why. Without knowing why, you cannot address the problem. Even if you find that it is multiple issues, understanding what is causing you to be miserable means you will be able to start putting some solutions in place.

This could be anything from your actual course, your living accommodation, your professors, your friendships, or even being away from home.

Talk to Someone

When we are miserable, talking to someone can lift the burden and help us get a clearer picture. There are usually university offers that are there to help you through certain situations, such as if you wish to switch your accommodation or workshops that can help you if you are experiencing a specific academic issue such as essay writing.

Your personal tutors are also there to help you – no matter what your issue – if it is impacting your course. For example, if you are unwell and struggling to keep up with work, they might be able to offer you deadline extensions or additional help. You can also talk to an independent body, even if that is a friend or family member if it is your course that is the problem. Sometimes, things just are not what we expect them to be, and while it can be easy to feel like sticking it out, sometimes it is better to bite the bullet and switch while you can. Transferring to a different university could solve your problem but do your research first. For example, take a look at Purdue University college transfers requirements if you want to know what you need to have to get into Purdue.

Do Not Jump Straight into a Change

All new environments and circumstances can take a while to adjust to, especially if you have not done them before. It makes sense for someone to be unsure and unhappy in the first couple of months of doing something potentially scary or isolating, so it is worth giving it time before you go for a change, to make sure that you are making the right choice and not one that is based on surface discomfort.

Going to university is a big deal, and it is also extremely expensive. Do not waste time being somewhere that makes you unhappy or isn’t offering you the value you want.