Smart Ideas to Spruce Up a Neglected Side Yard

Even homeowners who take excellent care of their yard and lawn often neglect the area between the siding of a home and the ground surrounding it. Regardless of whether the open area is on one side of the home or both, it often becomes a place to store trash containers, bicycles, and yard maintenance items without much thought to the potential damage caused by these actions.

Problems Caused by Inadequate Clearance Around a Home’s Siding

Keeping a distance of at least several feet open between the side of a house and the ground is vital to prevent issues such as attracting wood-destroying insects like termites, incurring water damage, and rotting wood. Another thing for homeowners to keep in mind is that the closer a home’s siding sits to the ground, the faster it is likely to deteriorate.

Homeowners can save themselves a lot of expenses and headaches by placing siding at least six to eight inches above the ground. This is especially true when it comes to preventing water damage, and the rule applies to siding made from all types of material.

How to Remove Excess Dirt to Increase Clearance Space

To increase clearance space around the siding of their house, homeowners should create a slope that forces water to run off instead of seep into the ground. They should avoid trenching as much as possible. Adding extenders or splash blocks to downspouts is also an ideal way to move water away from the siding of a home.

Ideas to Spruce Up the Side Space of a Home

While creating an attractive side space requires hard work, property owners can take creative license with how they choose to fill it. Here are a handful of ideas to consider:

  • Create a link between a landscaped front and back yard by installing a small garden. Adding an entrance or awning to the garden area creates an especially dramatic effect.
  • Put up a gate to gain entry to the backyard when walking from the front yard and around the side of the house. Besides improving aesthetics, a gate between yards provides homeowners with an extra level of privacy.
  • Create a workstation for potted plants with storage space for garden tools. Building an area to display and work on potted plants is as simple as repurposing a large pallet of wood lying around the house or purchasing a pre-assembled bench.
  • Make a rock garden surrounded by plants for a sharp landscaped look. Not only will the entire home look more attractive, but the rocks help to prevent excess water from reaching the siding of the home and damaging it.
  • Put up an enclosure to store trash and recycle bins that match the color and general décor of the home. Taking this step frees up space, improves the appearance of the yard, and prevents trash bins from blowing over in a strong wind and dumping their contents.

The rewards of investing a small amount of time to spruce up a side space will pay off for years to come. Avoiding damage to siding is just one such benefit. Homeowners may even find that tackling the project now will add to the resale value of their home when the time comes to move.