Involved in a Multiple Car Accident: Who’s at Fault

If you’ve ever been involved in a two-car accident, you already know how stressful it can be. Now imagine being in a car crash that involves multiple vehicles. Accidents that result in pile ups of cars make it even more difficult to find out who exactly is at fault and what caused the initial crash. 

To make matters worse, the more vehicles involved means more people involved. This leads to more injuries and property damage. It’s important to find the right car accident lawyer Bay Area to help you straighten things out so everyone gets the compensation they deserve.

What To Do If You Get Into A Multi-Car Accident

The best course of action is to treat it like any other car crash. Get to a safe place, either inside or outside of your vehicle. If someone is injured, immediately call 911 to get help to the crash scene. Call law enforcement to report what happened and to help you document the accident.

Photos and videos of the cars involved, the road conditions, and any injuries will come in handy later on when dealing with the insurance companies. Gather any eye-witness testimonies and their contact information, in case you need their help later on. Be sure to document everything, you’ll likely need it later.

Always exchange information with anyone involved in the accident. including names, driver’s license numbers, insurance information, make and models of all vehicles, license plate numbers, and contact information. The police can help with this, especially when there are multiple vehicles involved.

After the Accident

Once you’ve gathered all the information, you should immediately report the accident to your car insurance provider. Obtaining a police report, keeping track of medical treatment, and any other information. However, never admit fault even if you believe you caused the accident. This could result in a loss of compensation.

Who is to Blame?

Because there are multiple vehicles involved, there could also be multiple people at fault for the pile-up. Oftentimes, road conditions or weather conditions are the reasons for this type of collision, but it can also be caused by drivers speeding or driving too closely to each other.

To determine who is responsible for the accident and who is partially to blame, investigators will use the evidence you gathered and the police reports to determine who was at fault and to what degree. 

What to Do If The Other Driver is at Fault

If the insurance investigators discover the other driver is at fault, they will try to pay the other drivers involved as little as possible. If they try to settle for an amount that seems unfair, contact an experienced car accident lawyer to evaluate your case and help you get paid for your pain and suffering.

In these types of accidents, fault can spread to multiple drivers so it’s in your best interest to seek help from a lawyer that will pursue the best possible outcome for you. Car accidents are complicated enough, but when so many factors are involved it can easily become more than you can handle on your own.